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Tittle Tales

Just A Florida Girl In A Mississippi World

By Amy Tittle

Now that I think we are somewhat settled down in our new place out in the country I can start once again entertaining you with my truthful, yet ridiculous stories that come from either my home or my thoughts towards some event in the town or surrounding area.        
Even though I absolutely adore living out in the woods, almost literally, there are times I miss the convenience of living in town, like when I’m cooking and just need that one cup of milk or one egg. Thank God for my sweet neighbors for coming through for me a few times already concerning my forgetfulness issue with pantry staples.
Anyhow, despite the small inconvenient drawbacks of not remembering to pick up eggs or milk on my trip to town, I think I’ve managed to adapt. I no longer see the street lights at night casting that candle light glow upon my driveway and sidewalk or sounds of cars and the occasional police siren….
Instead now I get the intoxicating lullabies of the frogs competing with the crickets to see who can be the loudest and the engulfing dark of night with just the moon and stars to light the country fields that I’m surrounded by and let’s not forget the loud yelps from the nearby coyotes. So am I adjusting….YES! And I love (almost) every part about it!        
Besides moving this summer, my family and I decided to take a vacation to the beach back home and visit family. This was our first trip back to Florida since moving almost two years ago to Mississippi. It was great to see and visit with family and the beach was relaxing and beautiful but after a wonderful week of making memories I started growing homesick for my little farm nestled quietly in the North hills of Water Valley. In addition to giving many hugs and saying good byes we quickly and excitingly made our way back to Yalobusha County– a place that we now proudly call home.
Since we have been home from vacation, public school has started in the Valley and with that so has football and many other sports. Despite the fact that I never start school with my kids until after Labor Day each year, we decided to go support and indulge in one of Water Valley’s high school football games this past Friday night. I’m so glad we did, the kids had a great time seeing and hanging out with their friends from town while robbing my wallet for treats from the concession stand.        
So with kids contentedly inhaling their barbeque nachos and gigantic pixie sticks, we were able to see how great the players for this year’s football team really are. The Blue Devils put on a spectacular show and prove to have overflowing talent. I’m hoping for this year to be a huge success for them and my family and I are proud to support by going out to watch them play, no matter if its feels like it’s 150 degrees outside or not!
Looking forward to many more great games and hopefully, fingers crossed, cooler weather.

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