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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Wednesday morning, the gang at Dunn’s Country Store and I remembered our good friend, and Circuit Clerk, Daryl Burney as he was about to have surgery to either repair or replace a heart valve. Am glad to report that the valve was repairable and Daryl is getting along nicely. I’m sure it will be a few weeks before he’s able to come by for a visit and we do miss him.
  Several years ago, our former postmaster, Gary Gray, had a valve replaced with a pig’s heart valve. After he was fine, he got a lot of kidding. Daryl will miss this and thankfully so, because with that crew he runs with—kidding would have been over the top. Snooky Williams says that the main headline in this week’s paper should read, “Burney Does Have A Heart.” Just think what it might have been had his valve been replaced with a pig’s.
  Everyone kept warning me to drive safely because of the Labor Day Weekend traffic. Don’t know if they were worried that I might have an accident or if they thought I’d get a ticket for speeding. Foot does get heavy sometimes. However, over the weekend I was slowed down by the traffic and rain. Going to Mom’s from the nursing home Thursday night I drove a little above 40 MPH all the way. It was bumper to bumper and you just don’t pass on 51 between Batesville and Courtland, even if there is no on coming  vehicles.  However Thursday night traffic was both north and south bound and it was after nine o’clock. Wasn’t football  traffic either, because they were still playing—their game was played on Thursday, but I think it was out of town.
  Friday and Saturday nights were about the same. Only comfortable driving was coming home early Sunday morning. Guess everyone had partied, eaten, or shopped so hard that they were staying in bed.
  For sometime now I’ve been considering riding the train from Jackson to El Paso for a visit with Celeste and Jim.  Picked up a 1992 Southern Living  (don’t know where it surfaced from) and read an interesting article about an Amtrack train (the Crescent) that made a round-trip from New York to New Orleans. The train was an older one, without the scenic cars. Reason was that it passed through tunnels that were not high enough to accommodate the newer cars. The story was from the perspective of a photographer and included some of his photos. He related each hour of the trip (he only traveled from Washington to New Orleans). He boarded at Washington in the wee hours, had breakfast in the Carolinas, mentioned sightseeing in Mississippi, then it sounded like he just turned around in New Orleans and returned to Washington, again telling where he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all the sights he saw in between. He did enjoy sleeping in his sleepette (single sleeper). A double (bedroom) was also available.         Sounded like fun. Also included were a description and some photos of he Washington Station. Makes me think I may just get on a train and ride. Don’t know if all this is still available—that story was written over 20 years ago. Prices were about the same as airline tickets were then, so maybe they’re still affordable now.
  I’m getting ready for our homecoming Sunday, so I’ve been spending some time in the kitchen. To get cooking done these days I have to find things that can be cooked in advance.  Made dressing and have it in the freezer. Have to make the gravy and bake the chicken Saturday night, carmel cake keeps well, as do lemon and pecan pies. Most of my salads can be made well in advance, as can cheesecake. Do have to get up early Sunday morning to cook biscuits, dressing, and casseroles. Also like to cook peas just before they’re eaten. Green beans can be cooked and warmed over and I think they just get better—like them well cooked.
  Now if I can just get tablecloths ironed and on the tables.
  Labor Day holiday will probably be very dull around the Kilgore house this year. We’ve worked all day, so I will not even drive over. Years ago, we all gathered for a barbecue or other feast. Even Ed and I stopped work a little early and went over to Jimmie’s and Bill’s where these get-togethers were held on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. On Thanksgiving and Christmas we usually went to Moms.
    In the early days we would have a picnic at the Lake on Mother’s Day, complete with ski boat and a huge gathering under the pavilion at Chickasaw. A former sister-in-law always planned this and we all brought food. Was fun and we really need to reactivate some of these fun times.
  Do believe we’re either getting old or just dull.
  Was so sorry to hear that the Blue Devils were defeated Friday night. County rivals, Coffeeville Pirates, must have a good team. Better luck boys this week as you meet the Calhoun City Wildcats.

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