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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Just last week we were discussing the fact that motorcycle accidents had been reduced drastically in the past year, especially the fatal ones. However, if the young man on the one that passed me last Wednesday morning does not slow down I’m sure we’ll see at least one fatality in the near future. I was out 32, coming toward the Valley, after having delivered papers to Dunn’s Store.
    I was actually speeding—going about 60—and he passed me like I was sitting still. I was afraid I was going to have to pick up his limp body.
  Then, coming home from the nursing home late Saturday afternoon, another motorcycle  hot-rodder passed me going way too fast. After getting around me in an unsafe manner, he was boxed in by slow moving traffic and on coming traffic. Stayed right in front of me for several miles before turning off to the right and again picking up his speed. I was glad to see him go.
  If you’re going to ride these vehicles, which do look like a lot of fun, do slow them down. I’d like to see you enjoying your fun machines for many years to come.
  While delivering the papers, everyone wanted to know what the exciting news was in the paper the week before and if we had any great news in the new one. I couldn’t think of a thing, but must have been something everyone wanted to read because I picked up very few returns.
  I finished work at the office Thursday, then did lots of cooking, arranged chairs and tables in the fellowship hall, and ironed table clothes in preparation for homecoming at Woodland Hills Sunday. Then I had to hurry to Batesville to take up my sitting job with mom.              Everything was fine when I arrived, she soon went to sleep and I went to her house for my nightly nap before getting back to the nursing home at 5:30 Friday morning. Condi-tions had changed drastically in that six hour interval. Somehow we’d gotten bed bugs in the old recliner that had been in the room since Mom entered last October.
    I’d not been bitten, neither had Jimmie or Bo, but one of our sitters had. The chair went to the dump and a new one was purchased. The exterminator came and verified that it was indeed bed bugs. Scared me to death, until he explained these little pest. Seems that they just bite. They do not transmit any known disease and are fairly harmless except for the bite. They do multiply rapidly and are very hard to get rid of.
  We were lucky. The bugs were contained in the chair—have not found any more.
  Our exterminator explained that the bugs probably came from someone staying in a motel and bringing them home with them. Wasn’t any member of the family—we have not had time to travel since mom has been in the nursing home. He did tell us that if we stayed in a motel, we should not take our luggage in until we’d inspected the beds. If you do take them in before inspecting, he says, it’s better to put your bags in the tub or shower of the bathroom—bed bugs do not live in this area.
  Worst part of our infestation is that we’re out of our room for 10 days or so and in a semi-private room, which is very small. Roommate is very nice, though and we’ll make it through this time of transition.
  You’d be surprised at how much stuff you can accumulate in just 10 months, though. Filled my van up, Jimmie’s car, and brother Don’s pickup, which had to be taken home. We kept bare bone necessities—no fridge, one chair, peanut butter and crackers (a staple for Mom), a little water, which we’ll have to put over ice, some bedding, blankets, and clothes. If you want cookies or drinks, you go to the vending machine. Our sitting space is so small that Mom and I took up residence in the hall, next to the vending machines—not a bad place to be. Everyone passing stopped to talk to mom and me and we really enjoyed our days.
   I had to come home early Saturday night and mom just wouldn’t go to sleep. I finally left her with our sitter’s daughter, whom she was not familiar with. Guess they made it okay, since I did not hear from her.
  Got food to the church early Sunday morning and learned to operate the new double ovens that Joey at Sartain’s had installed Thursday. They are super—actually stay on and cook great.
  Our old ovens were completely shot. Usually when you turned them on they’d get hot and then go off. After several tries you might get the food cooked. Finally two weeks ago they just gave up completely and with homecoming coming up, I knew we had to have new ovens. Joey found one that exactly fit our opening, got it ordered, then went to Memphis where he picked it up and came back to the Valley and got it installed in time for me to cook dressing, casseroles, rolls, ect. Sunday. Only had one scare—the ovens beep when they get up to the correct temp (I know this) and I was just sure it had cut off. Nerves were a bit on edge.
  We had a great day, with 125 counted attendance—I’m sure there was a few more. There was also an abundance of great food.
  Enjoyed seeing our former youth minister, Craig Warren, who brought an excellent message, along with many of his family. Was also good to visit with former minister of music, Linda Williams, and her Mom, Bootsie, of Memphis. Linda is a wonderful music director and we always enjoy singing under her direction. She has retired as a teaching nurse at NWCC in Oxford and she and Mom are enjoying some quality time.
  Was good to visit with Scottie Surrette of Michigan. He’s having some health problems, but looked great.
  Also with us were Sue and Cliff Chandler of Sumner. Cliff grew up on the Evans place. He’s a year older than Ed, but knew him well. They still take the paper and come over for some of the historical society meetings.
  A special soloist for the service, A’Lexia Horton,  was one of Becky York’s students. She is such a talented young lady, sang like a professional—singing acapella. Not many adults can do that. She was accompanied by many of her family  members and also several church family members. We were so glad to have all of them with us.
  We did not have night services so I listened to the North Oxford Baptist Church service. The music (don’t remember the music director’s name) and sermon  by Rev. Richardson were both excellent. Should have gotten up, dressed and attended one of our local services, but was just too tired to get out of my chair. It is great to be able to attend church via TV when you’re sick or just to lazy to attend.
  I  was so sorry to hear that the Blue Devils lost another game Friday night.
    Maybe they’ll get back in the winning column this week when they meet long-time rivals, the Bruce Trojans, on Bobby Clark Field. Game time is 7 p.m.

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