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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    When I delivered papers to B.T.C. Grocery Wednesday morning I learned that I’d achieved celebrity status. The kitchen staff ushered me back to the  menu board, where I discovered that the top sandwich there had been renamed for me.     The “Miss Betty,” my favorite sandwich in all the world, was right there. It’s bologna, cucumber, tomato, onion, with mayo, on wheatberry bread and it is delicious. Try one. I am so honored to have a sandwich named for me. Thanks, gang, for doing this.
  Now I also like the soup and cornbread, plated lunches, desserts, and their tea is just the best. If I had time to get down there for food everyday I’d probably weight a couple hundred pounds.
  Also like to pick up some fresh herbs, veggies and fruits. Have really enjoyed Joey’s peaches and even some from Georgia. They’re great with plain cake and ice cream or Kool Whip.
  Was thanking Alexe for this honor and she says I’m ahead of her, because she still does not have a sandwich named for her.
  Head got even bigger Thursday afternoon as Mom and I were sitting in the hall and a CNA came by with a copy of the Herald. She looked up and says, “I knew that the picture on this column looked familiar—It’s you!” Had to admit that she was right and that that column had occupied that spot for over 30 years. She says, “I now know a big newspaper columnist.” Well I didn’t have the heart to tell her just how big the Valley is. I’ll keep my celebrity status until she finds out for herself.
  When I got to the room Thursday Jimmie had our TV set on and I saw all the flooding. I says, “Where is that happening?” To which her response was, “Where have you been?” Had to admit that I’d not seen any news in a week or more. Was so surprised to find out that all that was happening in the Memphis and north Mississippi area. Brought back bad memories of the ‘84 flood in the Valley. I tuned in Channel 5 Friday morning to catch some of the Today Show and was surprised that the Memphis flood had made national news. Thankfully there were no fatalities, but I’m sure the property damage will run very high.
  We do sympathize with these folks.
  Was so glad to get back into our room Friday afternoon.
  The lady we had shared the room with for a week was very nice, but the rooms are just not big enough for two people.
  We had to park Mom’s wheelchair in the bathroom at night and in the morning it was moved to the hall until she was put in the bathroom and dressed for the day. Then she and I spent the day in the hall. We choose the least used hallway and took up residence right next to the vending machines. Mom liked this spot, because she’s fond of her Cokes and snacks. Friday morning the vending machine attendant was stocking all three machines and he and Mom chatted from time to time. Mom asked what he was doing and he says, “I refilling the Coke machine.” She says, “Good, I sure don’t want to run out!” He went on, “Well, you just keep drinking them and keep me in business and I’ll make sure you always have plenty.”
    They got to be good friends. Many staff members passed by during the day, as well as many residents. Many of them came by for drinks and snacks and most stopped to talk with Mom. We became known as the Kilgore clan.
  When we were moving during the afternoon, Jimmie had her granddaughter, Caroline, who also liked being by the vending machines. Even at 18-months she knew just where to find the snacks. We took turns keeping her and Mom and most of this care was by  Brother Bo, who’d done a knee in a couple of weeks ago and was on crutches. Occasionally we’d need his expert advice and he’d get relieved.
  Moving back into our private room was like getting a suite at the Ritz.
  Those two people rooms are just not big enough and even though Mom’s roommate was very nice, it was hard for the two of them to cohabitate. Both were very hard of hearing and both liked to talk loudly. They disturbed each other.
  I have more weird insects in the house. A couple of  flies, that look exactly like house flies, are in the bathroom. I killed one, but the other is still at large. These insects are about an inch long and size matches their length. Finally found my old flyswatter, which I used to eradicate the one victim. Was shocked to find that the swatter was actually metal screen wire and that the posted price on it was 25 cents—now I’ve had that piece of equipment for a while.
  Wish I had Mr. Carter to tell me what species of flies these are.
  Also had a bullfrog on the front walk one night last week. The thing jumped over my head and almost scared me to death. I saw it when it landed and then knew it was harmless. It was very skinny, but had those long bullfrog legs. Why it was up around the house I don’t know, because the water is some eighth of a mile away. We’ve always had them in the pond, often hearing them croaking, but never before have I seen one near the house.
  Sunday afternoon we had a program to give direction to all committee chairs and members  I was really expecting some expert help to improve my service on the several committees I chair. Didn’t get any—seems that after some 40 years on each committee I knew as much as anyone about what was supposed to be done.
  I ask Bro. Lynn  about the Lord’s Supper Committee, thinking that maybe he wanted something different. I’m still running under the direction of former pastor, Rev. Ken Izzard. He says, “Keep doing what your doing and I really think your unleavened bread is the best I’ve every had, and what can you do to grape juice?” Can do that—I guess I’ve perfected my bread recipe.
  Social committee is the hardest and all members wanted to know what to do. My advice is when we have an event, just bring lots of food and help clean up. And if I’m sick, someone has to iron table clothes and get them on the tables. They all agreed to this program, so I’m sure our social events will run smoothly.
  Was glad to learn that the Blue Devils defeated long-time arch rival, the Bruce Trojans, Friday night. Not by a huge margin, but a win is a win. Congratulations, boys, and good luck Friday night as you face another long-time rival, the Senatobia Warriors on their field.
  Have to conclude this column because the Yalobusha County Baptist Association’s Fall meeting is tonight at Bethel Baptist Church. Ed and Betty Hill and I are messengers from Woodland Hills and they will be picking me up shortly at the Herald office.

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