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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Stopped work last Monday night to attend the Yalobusha Baptist Association’s fall meeting. Ed and Betty Hill picked me up and we went out to Bethel for this event. We are messengers from Woodland Hills.
  Program was great, as usual, with Bro. James Edwards, pastor of Bethel, as moderator. Michael Callahand and Betty Appleton directed the music, with Bro. B.J. King as soloist, all from Camp Ground.  Bro. Thad Moore, pastor of Coffeeville First Baptist, brought the message. Following the program a fellowship meal was enjoyed by those attending.
    Food was delicious—there are many great cooks among the Bethel membership. However, one cake on the table was provided by a wonderful cook, who was not a member of the congregation. It came from Mamie Shields, delivered by her husband, Lincoln. He had watched as Shirley Edwards (wife of Bro. James) was working so hard, getting ready for the affair, and volunteered Mamie to cook a cake. She did and it was a delicious pound cake, which was enjoyed by all of us. Thanks, Mamie and Lincoln. Shirley had made a strawberry trifle that was sugar free. It was so delicious and appreciated by all of us who have a problem with sugar. She shared her recipe with me and I do appreciate it.
  Lost one of our young men at Woodland Hills. William Pilcher lost his long-time battle with leukemia last Monday. Sympathy is extended to his wife, Angela, son, William, and his parents, Margie and Billy.
  This was the second (and last) son for Margie to lose. First was Charles Jaudon in 2007. Loved William, but didn’t really know him as well as I did Charles (Buster). Charles and Jim were in the same class and were life-long friends. He was such a bubbly, out-going young man—always brightened my day. Will miss both of these boys.
  We had a fellowship meal for the family and friends following the funeral on Thursday.
  After attending visitation Wednesday night I came on back to the church to get tablecloths on the tables and wait for friends who might want to stop by with food for the meal. First in were Bud and Wanda McCluskey and we visited for a time. Then Cindy Dickey stopped by to tell me she’d be back with food, but she had a key so to go on when I got through. Well a few others came by and I finally got the tables up and ready, but still didn’t feel like leaving, so I got my Sunday school book and studied my lesson.  Was so glad I did, because Cindy’s husband, Ronnie, was with her when she returned. I’ve always loved Ronnie Dickey, and was so glad to see him.
    We had a great visit and I encouraged him to come back to both the church and the choir—he has a fabulous baritone/bass voice and is a valuable asset to that back row. Also made sure he knew he was missed by me and all other church members. In my circumstances now I don’t get to visit folks, so Ronnie needs to come to church so I can visit with him.
  We talked about Cindy’s dad, the late Toy Sutherland, whom I dearly loved. When he was at the post office, I saw him almost every day and some days he’d have a little extra time and just come and sit for a spell and we’d visit. Also loved Ronnie’s dad, the late James Dickey. James was retired when I first met him, but he often stopped by for a visit. He had a keen sense of humor—could have been a stand-up comedian, and always brightened up my day. The Dickey family and us go back a long way. Ronnie’s grandfather, who had owned the place where I now  live, always encourage us to have a garden. We never did, but he said that we had his best garden spot. I’m sure he was disappointed that we just let it go to waste. We did dig some dirt from it, put it into raised beds in the backyard, and planted three tomatoes, three squash, three zucchini, peppers, and one basil plant somehow came up in one of the planters. It survived for many years and provided Mother Shearer with lots of fresh basil.
  Even short visits provide us with so many wonderful memories of folks we’ve loved and who have gone on before us. Great to see you, Ronnie, and am looking forward to your being back in church with us.
  Among all the delicious food was a coconut cake (Lela Mae’s) but baked by daughter, Judy Whitten. Lela Mae would have been proud, because Judy’s was just as good as her Moms. I even licked a little area on the cake board—always licked the whole thing when Lela Mae made it, but a slight diabetic problem doesn’t allow it now—had to watch all that good stuff go into the garbage.
  Carey Sartain had made his Mom’s, the late Mrs. Dale Sartain’s, sour cream pound cake and he did a great job, also.
  Betty Appleton provided some hot wings, which were fine. Heard lots of comments on them.
  All the food was delicious, but unfortunately I didn’t see who brought in much of it—it was all enjoyed and appreciated.
  After I finished at the church I packed the van and went to the nursing home. Got there just in time. Huge drops of rain had begun to fall and by the time I was inside there was a downpour. It rained for a  long time—the parking lot was turned into a lake. It did stop before I went home. Don’t know if it rained any more or not—did hear the thunder rumbling and the lightening flashing, but it didn’t keep me awake.
  Report was that the Art Crawl was a rousing success, with huge attendance. I always have a conflict when these are scheduled. They’re going to have to have one on Monday night just for me.
  Was so sorry to hear that the Blue Devils lost to Senatobia. Players and fans at Woodland Hills reported that the local team played a good game in the first half and they didn’t know what happened following halftime. Sometimes these things just happen. I had to tell the boys of a game, played many years ago, between the Blue Devils and the Warriors. We were in a rebuilding program and Senatobia was predicted to win the conference that year. They should  have just rolled over us—think Bruce already had by a score of, if  I remember correctly, 50-0.
    Our defense (and the wrecking crew was not yet on board) completely shut them down. Somewhere in the game we scored—only score of the night. Think it is still the best game I’ve seen during all my football years.
  The game this Friday night, to be played on Bobby Clark Field, will be against Winona. Good luck, team.

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