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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Last Wednesday at noon we said a partial good-bye to one of our staff. Jack turned 65 and decided to semi-retire. He’ll be with us on Tuesdays and half of Wednesday each week. He will also continue to cover the monthly school board and city board meetings.
  Sure is lonely when I walk by his office and that chair is vacant. Came in Thursday morning and yelled at David to call Jack and tell him to come back—my old van was so lonesome in the parking lot. For a long time now Jack had parked in the last slot and I’m just parked next to his vehicle—was strange not to have that little blue SUV to slip in beside. After about an hour, David went to the back and as he passed through Jack’s office, yelled, “Jack, wake up and make some noise, we’re missing you.” And we do.
  However, I am glad Jack will get to do some of the things he enjoys, while he’s still able. Also happy that he will get to spend some time with his dad.
  We’ll just have to double up on our quality time with him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Have to save up all my yesteryear questions for that time—I’ll have to make a list all week long, since I will not be able to just pop back when something crosses my mind.
    Along with my birthday present from Celeste and Jim came a book, Legends of Las Cruces. On my birthday card I was instructed to look on page 76. Well I saw the book first and began flipping pages to see who I might know of the featured folks in this volume. Got to page 76 and did I get a surprise. There was our child covering the whole page.         Mom was so proud of him and I know that his dad would have been, also. I’ve shown it to everyone who comes in, to all the family, and to lots of the folks at the nursing home. This is quite an honor, since he was chosen from celebrities in a city of maybe as many as a 150 thousand citizens. The book is divided into three divisions—founders, today’s, and future legends. Jim is one of today’s.
  Jim, of course, is holding a tuba and his credits are for his contributions in the music and education field. Even to be selected from the educators at New Mexico State University is a feather in his cap—it’s not a small school. Can you tell I’m a proud mom?
  When I was congratulating him on this honor, he tells me of another. They have street banners up and he’s on one of them. Says, his banner is hung right across from NMSU’s president’s home. The prez should know who our child is before it comes down. Jim says he has to see his face every time he exits his driveway.
  Also got two other books, which I’m looking forward to reading, some great pecans, and a new supply of pepper spices. Jim keeps me in spices and they do make most of my food taste better—if you like it hot.
  Most of the conversations in the office today have been about weekend football games. Seems that I missed seeing two great ones. I watched the old movie, “Shenandoah.”
    O ye of little faith—I just figured I’d watch Ole Miss and get to see Alabama beat them in the second half. From all I’ve heard it must have been a seat-hanger. And I really did not know that the State game was being televised. All I’d heard talked about last week was the Ole Miss/Bama Game. Well even though I didn’t watch the games, I’m proud of both teams.
  Even Jim was pumped up by these victories and he’s not much of a football fan. Seems he’d watched both games. He was surprised that I could not discuss them with him when he called Sunday night. Didn’t have to—he gave me a play by play replay.
  Was sorry to hear of the death of  Terry and Connie Edwards  Champion’s daughter, Wendy Hood. Last time I saw Wendy she was a very pretty little girl. They grow up so fast.
  Sympathy is extended to Connie,Terry and the entire family.
  Was also sorry to learn of the death of long-time friend, Ray Cox, last week. Ray and I shared a love of antiques and he often stopped by to show me a treasure he’d found. One I particular remember was an old sewing machine. It was very unique. He also made wooden items, which he shared. Over the weekend I was using a wooden paddle that he’d given me and it is great for turning foods in the frying pan. Every time I use it I think of Ray. Will miss him and extend sympathy to his children and the entire family.
  Just made it across to the nursing home in Batesville last Thursday before the rain came. Missed driving in it all weekend. Thursday night I just made it to Moms and got the van unloaded before a downpour hit. Rest of the rain fell during sleeping hours each night and I was so tired that even the thunder, lightening and wind did not disturb me.
  Cooler weather has been nice. I go in and out without getting a head full of bugs. They just seem to have disappeared. Also, I have not seen a lizard this week. Hopefully snakes have also gone for the year. All these critters need to find nice deep holes.
  I’m sure that soon now, though, I’ll have to be careful as I travel later in the evening and earlier in the morning—well at least dark wise. And it’s time for the deer to start moving about. I don’t want to harvest one with the van.
  Also, I’m ready for standard time to return. Looked at the calendar and it’s not happening until November 2. Seems like we’ve been leaving DST behind earlier than this. On these cool mornings I just want to snuggle down in my quilt and sleep a little longer.
  We’re looking forward to Sunday School High Attendance Day at Woodland Hills  on October 12.  If you don’t have a church home come on out and join us for Sunday School at 9:30 and worship service at 10:30. Following this, a football concession stand-style lunch will be served. The males attending will be football players and the females  will be cheerleaders for a True Blue Sunday. Everyone is encouraged to dress in blue. I wanted to go as a band member, but I can’t find Jim’s old uniform. Guess I’ll have to get me a blue apron—you know for over 40 years I was usually in the concession stand or cooking hamburgers. Those were fun years.
  I was so sorry that Charleston defeated the Blue Devils last Friday night. However, everyone attending says that WV’s team is just as good as Charleston’s—just one of those nights. I’m sure the boys will rally and beat Holly Springs  Friday night. The game will be played on the Holly Springs field and will begin at 7 p.m. Attend the game if you can and you can yell some for me. I’ll be mother sitting in the NH.

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