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Junior Auxiliary Focus Is On Child Welfare

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week.   
Our interviews with current business owners and members of the community have been so popular with you readers that we intend to make it a permanent part of  Reflections.
This week I had the opportunity to meet with Vickie Person, president of the Junior Auxiliary of Water Valley, at their Blue Jeans, BBQ and Blues fund raiser held last Saturday at Enid Lake.  Vickie is also a third grade teacher at Davidson Elementary School here in Water Valley.  She has two sons, Matthew and Zack, one who is at Jackson State University and the other at Mississippi State University.  In speaking to me about her sons, I could tell the love and pride she has in them and their accomplishments.  
Being the president of Junior Auxiliary in our community, she gave me the basics about the organization which covers Missis-sippi, Alabama, and Florida and has approximately 600 members throughout the states.  Their headquarters is in Greenville, Mississippi.
Their focus is on child welfare and they have numerous service projects throughout the year to assist children in our community.  Among their service projects are Project Santa, Emergency Services which includes Community Clothes Closet, Project Pack-a-Backpack, Project Special and School Services – to name a few.  
The Project Special was of real interest to me as it is one where a special needs child is chosen and the ladies assist with the needs of a child.  As many of you know, my granddaughter has Autism and my nephew who passed away last December had special needs.  I know there are many extra expenses involved with special supplies and special doctors who can work with children with special needs.  
Often times, the doctors who will see these children are specialists and are located in Jackson or Memphis.  Through Project Special, the ladies can assist with some of the financial burdens but most often assist by being an emotional support for the family.  The ladies attend special events such as birthday parties and other events in the child’s life.  There are also many financial projects held to raise money in order to fund the service projects.      This past Saturday’s event was one such function.  A band, The Zediker Brothers, played through the night as Junior Auxiliary and Crown Club members served guests and prepared to-go plates for those who could not stay.  It was a wonderful community event where all proceeds go back to the community’s most precious, our children.
During our interview, it became apparent of the hard work and dedication that Vickie and her fellow Junior Auxiliary sisters have for the children in our community. Recruitment for new members is always on-going and a new member is asked to give a five year commitment.
For the ladies I met this past week, five years is not so long as they all have a lifetime commitment to children. My hopes are that people will become more aware of this worthy organization and actively support them in their various causes.
Your response to the new direction of the Reflections column has been greatly ap-preciated. I will attempt to give you more along the same lines in the future.  As always, your input is welcome and used when possible.
So, let me hear from you at or write me in care of the Herald.  Have a great week.

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