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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Rarely does anything disturb or frighten me. However, last Monday night when the lights went out I had just gotten to  the top of the stairs and turned toward the south wall of the bedroom. Was so thankful that I’d made it all the way up—certainly would not have enjoyed tumbling down those steps and did not relish sitting on the stairs for a long period of time. It was so black that you could not see your hand in front of your eyes—this was to say the least disturbing.
    Decided to make my way to the west wall and find the armoire, then inched along it to the end and knew that the bed was to my left. Found the footboard, and felt my way up to the center of the bed, had a seat and stayed there until the lights came back on.
    Had I been downstairs I have flashlights and candles in every room—would have been no problem. Had not thought about putting emergency lighting upstairs—am rarely up there. The storm seemed to be over so I just went to retrieve an item I needed.
    About 30 minutes later when the lights came back on, I quickly descended the stairs, found a flashlight, which I put on the bed, and candles and matches for tables and vanity in the bath and bedroom. Lights will probably never again go out when I’m up there—but I’m ready if they do.
    Total darkness is really frightening.
  Next morning I learned that our power outage was not caused by the storm, but by a driver who had taken out a light pole. The accident was totally unnecessary, caused by using a cell phone. I still think these things should be outlawed. My scare was only that, but some lives could have been put in danger by this unexpected power loss.    
    My house has been invaded by yet another pest. Was walking across the den floor one night last week, when I felt something squishy under foot. Popped on the lights and there on the floor were several snails—they do make a mess when you step on them. However, unlike my lizards, they move very slowly, I can catch them and take them back outside—they’ll probably come right back in.
    Still have not seen any more deer on  Highway 315, the Pope/Water Valley Road, the Eureka Road, or Highway 51. Know it just a matter of time before I see, or hit, one and I really don’t want to kill one with the van.
    Friend Becky York got something with their van the other night. She thought it was a big dog. It took out her bumper and signal lights. Their van is silver (exact same color as mine) so I told them just to get some bailing wire and silver duck tape—makes a quick and inexpensive repair. Three years ago when the deer hit me, Bill repaired mine using these materials and I drove it for three or four months and no one ever knew it had been damaged—he did a really good job.
    Coming home Sunday morning I did see an entire barnyard on the roadside. Visible first was a turkey gobbler. Thought this was strange, because I’ve seen many hens and poults, but never a gobbler. On closer examination, there were hens and they were all domestic birds. Also included in the lot were a rooster and several hens and lots of guineas. Didn’t see a single duck or goose, though. There was a pond not far from the road, so they may have been taking a swim.
    Attended my first ever yard sale Thursday morning. Sue Cobern and her sister, Pam, were selling at Sue’s home. It was exciting. I found a Scum Buster, a very useful gadget I’d owned many years ago. Mine wore out and I could not find a replacement. Can’t imagine why they quit making them. My bathrooms may just get cleaned again. Paid 50 cents for it and the original was almost $50. Also got elevated to favorite sister. They had for sale their late mother’s, Quay Samuels, hot rollers. Knew when I saw them they were Jimmie’s favorites. Hers had met their demise several years ago and she’d replaced them, but does not like the newer models as well. Jimmie uses these things every morning and they do a great job. I’m too lazy to fix my hair.—you’ll just have to look at me with wash and wear. This was also 50 cents. Also picked  up some fabric that is the exact pattern as Jimmie’s kitchen wallpaper border. Don’t know what she’ll do with it but for 50 cents I’m sure she’ll come up with some decorating project.
     For 25 cents each I bought over 20 tapes—many for great-nephew, Briley, and great-niece, Caroline. Carolyn and Bo still have a VCR. Got the great-nieces a couple of tiaras and some other jewelry, all at a low price of 25 cents each. Also found a beautiful beach towel, marked $2, but they discounted it to 50 cents. I use these in back of the van to protect it from the inky papers. May have to keep this one pretty and clean, though, just in case I every decide to go to the beach—yea! Also got a great old Reader’s Digest Book, which I’m really enjoying. It’s about off-the-beaten-track places to see in the U.S. I’m sure they’ve all been discovered by now, but still would like to visit some of them.
     My entire bill was $9.75 and I took home a box full, along with an arm load—great shopping. Don’t anyone tell Jim I am buying stuff—he’d make me take it back.
  When I finish this column I’m off for a few days.
    Jimmie and I are going over to Monticello, Arkansas to hear a concert at the University of Arkansas—Monticello Campus. Celeste and Jim will both be on the program. They are already there and have rehearsed in Monticello today (Monday) and will  rehearse with a string quartet tonight in Little Rock. All these folks will be on the program we get to hear.
    We were to meet Celeste and Jim at five Tuesday afternoon, have dinner, then go to the concert. Hopefully we’ll get to visit the B&B they’re being house in —it’s an old home. We’ll be in the Holiday Inn Express—if we find it. Then on Wednesday morning we’ll have breakfast together and they’ll head for Little Rock to fly home and we’ll come on back home. Short visit but any time you get with your children is wonderful.
    Thanks to everyone who asks about Mom each week. She doing  fine, health-wise, and I think her therapy is going well. On nice days, her therapist takes her out for a walk in the sunshine.They are so good to her.
  Was so sorry to learn of the death of long-time friend, Elvis Champion while I was in Batesville. Have known Sara Nell and Elvis for many years and love them both. Sympathy is extend to her and the entire Champion family.
    Was excited to hear that the Blue Devils won again Friday night – beat North Panola on the home field. This week they’ll play Independence, coached by former Devils Defensive Coach Richard Russo, at Independence. Good luck, team.

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