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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Seems that all exciting events in the Valley now  happen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.—probably always did. I just notice it more now that I’m unable to get to anything that happens on these days.
    From all accounts, I do believe we had a great one last Saturday, when Open House was held in the Valley. I’ve heard glowing reports of good attendance—both locals and out-of-towners—and good sales. I set the winners of prizes given by the many merchants participating in this event and it sounded like some good merchandise was awarded to these winners. Several winners were out-of-towners—glad our guests fared well in this event. I’m sure it will make them eager to come visit again.
    Congratulations to Eddie Foster, winner of the grand prize, a large flat screen TV, given by the Water Valley Chamber of Commerce and Water Valley Main Street Association, sponsors of the open house.
    Reports were that participating businesses were beautifully decorated and many offered delicious refreshments. Sorry I missed all those goodies.
    In a recent cleanup I uncovered a letter written in late September by long-time friend, Carolyn Hunt Griffing. It contained info for me to pass on to Lucia Holloway, so I’d carefully put it up and forgotten it. Reading the letter again, I thought this is something many of the readers will be interested in, so Lucia may just get to read it in the column if our paths don’t cross before the paper hits the street.
    “Dear Betty:
    “A note to say hello and happy birthday. I telephoned and you were having lunch—late. I’ve never been accused of being organized. Cathy got those DNA’s—I got the ‘Did you hear me’s?’ (Carolyn, I got the I really intended to do that! Thanks for thinking of me).
    “I read your article about Dale Evans and have something you can tell Mary Lucia.
  “In the early 60’s, Bill Lamb—later Judge Lamb—a friend, was married to Sue Lamb. When they separated, she went to California and was Roy Rogers’ private nurse. She worked for them for years and said someone had to be with him at all times because Evans couldn’t keep him from giving everything away. She said he was one of the kindest, most generous person she had ever known. She never heard him complain or speak ugly to, or about, anyone.
    “After she and Bill separated for the second time (they really tried and cared for each other) she went back to California and worked for them again. This must have been sometime during the late 70s. She never moved back to Oxford. Bill married Peggy Duke and they were married 40 something years before he passed this past year.
    “I read your  article every week and love it—so keep up the work—it keeps me posted.
    “Take care and forward info to Lucia. She and Don are, and were, two of the nicest people ever. We didn’t even fight over the tennis courts at North Main Park. They were better players. That is unless Mr. Mays showed up for daughters to practice. Then we all went to Peacock’s Grocery for a popsicle, then home to sit on the front porch and watch.
    “Maybe next year I’ll be more organized—but don’t put any money on it. To me organization required too much thinking.” (Oh, you got that right!)
    Thanks for writing Carolyn—I always enjoy hearing from you. And memories of Cathy are wonderful.
    Was so excited that we’d finally gotten back to standard time and I had an extra hour of daylight in the morning. Now, Wednesday morning, coming from Dunn’s Store, I hit that early morning sun and it is blinding. Was so glad when I finally made it to the by-pass and turned north. Learned what Jim meant when he used to say, “Be careful what you wish and pray for.”
    Had the same problem coming home Sunday morning—only worse. Not only did I have the sun, but also some spotty dense fog. For a few miles I’d run in the fog, barely able to see the road, then top out in that blinding sun. I had about 15 miles of nerve-racking driving. To add to the problem for about five miles I had on my bumper what I’m sure was a hung-over Saturday night drunk. He would wander over into the other lane, then back to running off the road in our lane. I just  knew he was going to run head-on into an on coming vehicle and splatter all over me, probably killing the on coming folks, possibly me, but not likely him. He finally passed me, went about a hundred yards, turned off. Flipped his vehicle around and was about to come back onto the Pope/WV Road when I went  by him. Just knew he’d be right back on my bumper, but to my relief he went back toward Pope.
  I usually drive too fast on Sunday morning—always running late. Sunday, when the fog and sun allowed, I was speeding. Suddenly, I slowed down to about 40, with  no reason. Then I discovered that God had taken over the driving—coming across the road were two little deer. At the lower speed I was able to stop safely and let them cross.
    Another animal I spotted on my way home was a beautiful gray fox. You really don’t have a problem with hitting a fox because they are speedy. The chickens, turkeys and guineas were out as usual—they just stay on the roadside.
    Mom was fine last weekend. Thanks to all of you who continue to ask about her.
    Saw Jimmie for a few minutes on Thursday afternoon, but forgot to wish her a belated happy birthday. She’d turned 70 on Wednesday.
    Don stopped by for a short visit Friday and he said he’d forgotten Jimmie’s birthday, also. He had more pictures of his farming equipment and fields. Told him he could have called her from his harvester—that’s where he wished me a happy birthday. Do believe he’s enjoying returning to the farm. Know it’s hard work, but it gets in your blood, just like ink does.
    Bo and I had our early Sunday morning visit and he and Rance are all excited to get into those hunting stands this week. Told them they needed to kill some deer—I’m hungry. Bo is a fine deer cooker.
    Was so sorry that WV is out of the playoffs. Kemper County must have a great team. Congratulations on a good season Blue Devils—I’m sure you’ll make it to state next year.

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