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Veterans Sacrificed For Our Freedom

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week.  
It seems that all year important events have been on my off week, so this is my belated tribute to our veterans. Recently on TV I saw a phrase that  has stuck with me. “America, land of the free because of the brave” which really says it all.  However, I’ve interviewed several Word War II veterans and not one of them considered himself brave.
Mr. Chester Joyner said it best when he told me, “They gave me a job to do and I tried to do the best I could.”  As a infantry rifleman, he saw their bazooka man cut down by a German machine gun and his Sergeant told him, “Joyner, you’re now our Bazooka man so get in that farm house and take out that German tank.”  
I think what he told me probably sums up the feelings of others like him when he said, “I didn’t think about how I ‘’had never fired a bazooka  before, I  just picked it up and   crawled to the loft of that house and fired at that tank.”
In World War I Alvin York in an interview said, “I’m still against killing but those guns were killing maybe  hundreds and the only way I knew to stop the killing was to take out those guns.” In taking out those guns he killed at least 26 Germans, received the Medal of  Honor and  became the most decorated soldier in that war.  
Since I had a company meeting which I couldn’t miss, I was unable to attend the Veterans Day ceremonies which I do regret.  Some of my ancestors have been in the War between the States, Spanish-American, WWI, WWII and the Korean War that the politicians from Harry  Truman on down insisted in calling a police action or finally a conflict.     
There we first started not winning our wars which is still the policy of the current regime. The only reason this bunch of losers can protest and try to tear down our country is because of these men and women who left the cities and farms to fight and die to maintain that freedom.
This election showed these self-serving politicians that it is still our country and when necessary we’ll fight for it. Over the years I’ve talked about one day they’ll step over the line and arouse that sleeping giant and that’s exactly what happened, no matter how they spin it. I just had to get that off my chest.
I have several interviews set up that I’m sure you will enjoy. In closing, the open house was great and I made the rounds and in the process met some new friends, some you’ll be hearing from in future columns.  
Long time friend, Joe Lowe had a request for me to write about all the barbers we’ve had over the years. Many have been covered, but I promise you, Joe, I’ll do an in-depth column in the  near future.  
As all you long time readers know, all you have to do is ask and whenever possible I’ll write about it, so let me hear from you. My email address is or write me c/o the Herald and have a great week.

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