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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Talking to Betty Baker Thomas and Cheryl Pass, members of The Garden Club of Water Valley, while I was at the Post Office last Tuesday day morning,  I was told that the Club had intended to have a short Veterans Day ceremony in memory of all veterans at the North End Park, where the Club built and maintains the gazebo and flag pole there.     
Included in the program would have been raising a new flag. The ceremony had to be called off because vandals had destroyed the entire mechanism for hanging, lowering and raising the flag. Probably would have taken the flag pole had it not been anchored so securely.
I’m amazed at the destructive actions of some of our citizens. Please think before you just destroy things, which were put there for your enjoyment, as well as the enjoyment of others.
For years The Garden Club of Water Valley has struggled with the vandalism of the gazebo and now this destruction has turned on the flag.
This little park has been enjoyed by citizens for many, many years. It’s had a wading pool, tennis courts, play equipment for youngsters, benches and tables for enjoying picnics and just resting – and it’s just a pleasant place to walk or visit. Please don’t destroy it—you may one day have children who want to enjoy it.
Wednesday morning I drove slowly on the way out to Dunn’s Store, enjoying the beautiful fall foliage. Had heard the weather predictions and figured that this might be the last week I’d have the beautiful leaves. Didn’t have much sun, but the foliage was still very pretty. Was kinda distracted from my gazing  because the traffic was heavy.     
Again, I was glad that I had the rub board on the shoulder and the bumps in he center—hit both several times.
Asked Brother Bo, who worked for the MDOT for many years, why all roads did not have this safety protection. He says, “Sis, if you look, most roads do not have enough space to put on the shoulder alarms, and the center bumpers often get scraped off when the snow plows are used. We still have not perfected a fastener that holds securely.”
Well, I’m sure glad that Highway 32 was wide enough and that so far the center is still mostly intact.
Brothers Rance and Bo were at my house when I went home to pack the van and go to Mom for the weekend. Was surprised because I expected them to be in the deer stands. They were generous with their time, stating that my dead grass needed to be mowed, the driveway needed to be swept, and the trees and bushes needed to be cut back so sun could dry it as fast as possible, in case of ice or snow.
Also, the ice would bend the small trees into the driveway and the larger tree limbs, which they removed, would have fallen blocking my exit. I also had a broken limb, hanging in one tree, that I’ve expected to come down on me for the past several months. They got it! They also cut some of the small trees and limbs into fireplace lengths. Was glad to see that when the threat of ice was predicted. I’m total electric, but still have a fireplace and heater insert, which work.
I knew that if I got stranded, I could walk down the hill and get that wood—anything to keep from freezing. Maybe next time they’re over they’ll have enough daylight to bring it up the hill and put it in my wood rack—they could also move the rack from the back of the house to the carport—you can see I don’t ask much of these super brothers.
When I drove up I noticed a bad oil spill on the driveway. Wondered where it came from. Didn’t take long to find out. Brother Rance had left the top off his Weed Eater’s oil supply and it had spilled all over his brand new coveralls and onto the driveway. Driveway is fine, but don’t know whether the overalls will make it or not.         Larry Bailey had just resealed my driveway and the oil just washed right off. I’m still amazed at how many men it takes to take care of me —and Ed did it all. Well, he probably would have had to have Larry seal the driveway. That chore did not come up before he died—we had gravel.
When I went in the nursing home Thursday afternoon it was warm and I did not even take in a coat. Then I came out about nine Friday night, and thought I’d freeze before I got into the van. It was cold, and added to that, there was about a 25 mile an hour north wind.
Saturday morning, I found my big coat.
Saturday afternoon Jimmie picked me up and we attended great-nephew Briley’s third birthday party. It was great fun, with so many cute children having a good time. We also got to see Misty and Trey’s new home. The house is in the Steeple Chase Subdivision, east of Batesville. I thought Jimmie knew how to get to the house and she thought I knew. We drove around over most of the subdivision—there are some mansions there. Saw Lee McMinn’s name on one of the for sale signs. Can’t wait for him to come in—I want to know the price tags on these homes.
It rained all night Saturday night. Bo’s rain gauge registered one and a half inches. I drove home in a pretty hard shower Sunday morning and then it continued to rain all day.
The only wildlife I saw coming in Sunday morning was a little, wet deer, that stopped on the side of the road. Think he was too cold and wet to cross in front of me.
Cold weather is predicted to continue until the end of the week. Mike Redwine is always looking for a killing frost—I’m ready for a hot summer. Just hope we don’t get ice.

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