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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

It felt like late December or January when I delivered the paper early last Wednesday. Did not kill the van engine on the entire trip and was glad I did not run out of gas. However, even with the low temp, there was a good crowd at Dunn’s Store. Most of the conversation for the morning was how cold we all were.  Was sure all the leaves would be gone, but there were still many on the trees. Some had turned brown and tan, but surprising there was some beautiful color left.
Later in the week warm temps returned and the sun was beautiful. However Sunday morning brought more rain. Then on Sunday afternoon the rain was heavy and with it came some very high winds. Looked out my kitchen window and it looked like a snow storm of leaves—could barely see the carport. Then when I started down the hill the driveway was completely covered. Was glad I knew where it was. The wet leaves were just plaster down on the asphalt and on the ground and I have some deep gullies on each side of my drive.
The leaves dried out overnight and on Monday morning I was able to see where to put my wheels. I have two  blueberry bushes (or rather Ed does) in the backyard. They don’t seem to have lost any leaves and their color is gorgeous—almost a salmon. Had never noticed these bushes in the fall until this weekend. I see the blooms in the spring and they are very pretty and then the blue fruit is colorful, but why I’ve never seen the fall beauty I can’t explain.
Rance and Bo cut down my Bradford Pears and I really hated to loose them (they had beautiful red foliage in fall), but I made the decision to keep the Magnolia. For either of them to do any good, the other had to go. Bo said he didn’t know that those pears were so brittle. Neither did I. We surveyed the area and Bo says that some of my dogwoods also have to be cut.
Don’t know why we planted everything so close together—guess we didn’t expect any of these trees to survive. That magnolia is about 30 years old and has finally reached a height of about 20 feet. For the first 20 years of its life it remained at the two to three feet size that it was planted—still has not bloomed. Maybe with more sunlight it will put on a flower or two this spring.
Friend Ora Lee Phillips invited me to be her guest at the Wednesday Thanksgiving lunch at Bayson Chapel. Was unable to attend due to a schedule conflict. However, David went and gave a glowing report of this affair and then on Sunday, county employee, Nathan Keel, also told me how wonderful this meal and fellowship was. The meal is primarily to show appreciation for county employees. Thanks for thinking of me, Ora Lee.
Wednesday night the youth and children packed Christmas shoe boxes and they seemed to have a great time. The young people got 21 boxes together and I got to deliver them on Monday morning to the central packing center at First Baptist Church. There I enjoyed a short visit with Vivian Gilley and Ora Lee Phillips, who were  busy checking in  last minute boxes—like Woodland Hills. They had a room full of boxes ready to be put into the van for transportation to a central shipping station. These boxes make a dramatic impact on the children who receive them, and also on  their families. We’ve been privileged to hear personal accounts from some of the young people who have received boxes.
At noon on Thursday, Mel and I enjoyed lunch from Between Friends and it was delicious. I had enough meatloaf, squash dressing and blackeyed peas for supper. Did have to round up some more tea.  Sure was a delicious upgrade of my usual nursing home night meal of peanut butter and crackers.
There is a fierce, but friendly, Ole Miss/State rivalry at Woodland Hills. Bro. Lynn and several other members are staunch Ole Miss fans. Lewis Green and several more are State supporters. Sunday morning the Ole Miss folks really got teased. Me, I am not much of a football fan, but when a Mississippi team is playing I’m for them. If Mississippi teams are playing each other, I’m for the underdog. Guess I’ll be rooting for Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl.
Sunday night our youth and children’s chorus presented special music. After this Bro. Lynn brought a Thanksgiving devotional, ending with a responsive reading, interspersed with music. It was a very impressive service.
Just got Thanksgiving plans from sister-in-law Carolyn. We are eating at her and Bo’s home at noon on Thursday. Then I’ll go take over for our sitter so she and her family can enjoy a meal in the afternoon. I plan to gain a couple of pounds, since Bo is cooking a turkey  and Carolyn is baking a ham. They’re also making my favorite banana pudding and Bo will cook pecan pies We’ll also have all the usual sides and salads. I’m hungry already.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and let’s make it safe one.

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