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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Papers were printed on Tuesday, we got them delivered to the stores and racks before going home,  and then  had the rest of the week off. More time than paper staffs usually get for a holiday. Did miss seeing many of my Wednesday morning friends, but met some new ones.
Cooked, washed, and packed to go to Courtland early Thursday. Carolyn, Bo, Ginny, Rance, Misty, Briley, and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Carolyn’s and Bo’s home.  I then went to the nursing home to sit with mom Thursday afternoon and night, to let our sitter enjoy time with her family. Mom had just gotten out of the hospital. Nothing serious, just her periodic round of urinary track infection. Worst thing about this is the antibiotics necessary to get rid of the ailment.  They do make her feel so bad.
Enjoyed a wonderful worship service  Wednes-day night at the community service. Held in Friendship Baptist Church, we were all made very welcome by Bro. Bill Forsyth and the church family. Members of the Adonai  Church’s music department led the praise part of the service and presented the special music. Music was beautiful, but I only knew one of the congregational songs. Keep telling Bro. Roger Howell that they need to learn some Baptist songs. Just teasing—truth is we Baptist need to learn some new music.
Bro. Raymond Aven gave a report of the financial standing of Compas-sion Ministries before the offertory prayer. Was amazed to hear that over $100,000 dollars was raised last year for the on going operation of this ministry. As Bro. Raymond said, “That’s a lot of money for this small community.” He also told a  true story about sharing what we have and how it comes back to us.
Seems that an elderly lady, with very limited means, opened the door to a magazine salesman (working to pay his way through college). She quickly explained that she could not afford to buy magazines. However, she says, “You look like you need a cold glass water” and got that for  him. They talked on for a while and the lady says, “I have enough milk for two glasses and would like to share with you.” She did and the young man left.
Many years later the lady came down with a disease that was almost untreatable, with limited treatment sites, so the wait for treatment was usually very long. To her surprise she was admitted very quickly, the procedure was successful, and then came the bill.—a tremendous sum. The doctor presented it—very unusual— and she explained that there was no way she could pay it. He says, “Look at the bottom line.” There she found written, “Paid in full  with a cold glass of water and milk”.
After this wonderful story came a sermon that moved all of us to go out and sell what we have to provide food and water for all those in need around the world.
Jordan White, son of Linda and Tommy White, shared much information from his mission trips to India and other parts of the world. He urged us to help those around the world who are in such need. I can’t imagine being without food and certainly not without safe water.
Jordan explained that even Baptist could take care of most of these needs if we just contributed the prescribed amount of  10 percent of what God has blessed us with for the furtherance of His kingdom. Thanks, Jordan for this message we all so badly needed.
I missed the Egg Bowl, but heard several replays. I really wanted State to win because it would have given them a shot at the playoffs. Hope both teams do well in bowl selections.
In local football Calhoun City, Charleston, Oxford and South Panola are all in the in the state playoffs. Good luck to these teams.
The Chamber and Main Street have an exciting event for Christmas in the Valley this weekend and the annual parade will roll down Main Street at 1 p.m. Saturday. Hope the weather cooperates, a lot of hard work goes in to planning these events each year.

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