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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Christmas has come and gone and now it’s on to a  new year. The end of 2014 was very enjoyable. Got to wish many folks a Merry Christmas as I was delivering the papers Wednesday morning—there were lots of people out and about, even at that early hour. After completing this chore, it was back to the office to get a postal report ready and complete the December statements. Completed all this shortly after noon and then the entire Herald staff got to enjoy a long holiday vacation.
I went on to the nursing home to take over for Brother Bo, whom I knew had Santa work to complete. He said that I should have taken a little time off, but since I was there he’d go on home and get started putting together a kitchen set. Remembered the last kitchen set he put together for his daughter, Misty, about 30 years ago. He was at Mom’s and Ed, Jimmie and I came in. He was completely unglued. Ed sent him to town to purchase a  trumped-up needed item. While Bo was gone, Ed and Jimmie, working at top speed, put the thing together—I handed parts. Christmas morning, Bo says, “Sis, I’m glad you sent me on home, because if you hadn’t I would not have gotten any sleep last night.”     
Bo had to roll out before four, because he insisted on taking the breakfast shift with Mom so I could go to Bill’s and Jimmie’s to make the biscuits.  Breakfast was the  only meal of Christmas Day. Rance ordered three eggs over medium and Don wanted four—didn’t need more food. Added to the eggs was sausage, bacon, ham, hashbrowns, red-eye and sausage gravy.
Only other cooking I did during Christmas was a batch of chocolate fudge and one of peanut butter. It’s been a long time since we failed to  bake a ham, cook a turkey and make all the veggies, salads, and desserts that go with them. They all snacked during the day, but I went on to Mom to feed her lunch. Ginny and Rance came on up at supper time and Ginny fed Mom, while Rance took me out for a meal. We found the Huddle House open and packed. Went in and were waiting on a booth to be bussed. Rance spotted a friend and began talking—I just stood and listened. Had no idea who he was talking to, nor who the other couple were that was with him. We  finally were seated and when the friend started to leave, he stopped by our booth to tell Rance it had been good to see him again.I glanced up and in front of me stood Raymond Aven. Raymond introduced me to his father, Troy, who was Rance’s friend. Told Troy that I was glad to meet him and that I was Raymond’s mother. Went on to tell him of Raymond’s, Ed’s and my  long friendship and that he had a great son, whom I love dearly.
Ed died 11 years ago today and Raymond was one of the first  people to me and he was also one of the preachers for Ed’s service. He also offered  me a home – friends just don’t get any better than that. Ludie took me first, then Al and Betty Davis, but Raymond was there in case he was needed and I did appreciate that.
Mom got to see all her children during the Christ-mas season. Brother Terry and his family didn’t get there until Saturday, but they enjoyed a great visit. It was good to see all of them—we had not been together since Mom’s birthday in August.
Our cute Christmas stories are from Caroline and Briley. Christmas Eve night the Cole and Harris families gathered at Karen’s and William’s home. It has a huge fireplace. Karen’s mother, Sarah Beth, gave two year old Caroline a purse with a flashlight in it. She took the flashlight out, turned it on and went over to the fireplace, looked up the chimney, and exclaimed, “Nope, he’s not in there yet!”
Briley, who was hale and hardy, saw Papa Bo get an ice pack on his arm, after having fallen and injured it. Briley had to have an ice pack for his arm also. Then Bo needed a towel because his arm got too cold, so Briley also needed a towel.
Bo sat for about two hours with his ice pack and Carolyn said that Briley stayed in his chair, completely still, until Papa took his ice pack off. We decided that this was a good way to keep Briley still. Now if it would  only work on Caroline—don’t think it will every  happen, because she’s a live wire.
Church attendance was way down Sunday. Bro. Lynn and Danielle were on a Christmas trip, but we heard two great sermons by our Youth Minister  Dustin Pierce. Dustin will also have charge of the Watch Night Service New Year’s Eve. It will begin at eight o’clock and conclude with praying in the New Year.
Here’s hoping that everyone has a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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