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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

The Herald staff enjoyed another holiday vacation—longer than usual—and those extra days got put to good use.
Woodland Hills has had a Watch Night service for many years and this year, even though the attendance was down due to illness, bowl game attendance, and other visiting, we still had a great time.     
There was an abundance of delicious food and we all ate for four hours. The adults enjoyed a game of chickenfoot dominoes. If you’ve never played this game, it’s most enjoyable. However, if you plan to complete the game the party needs to start much earlier than eight at night.
Our table had five players, but the game can accommodate several more. At our house you will find all the old board, card, and dominoes games. How-ever, each year someone in the gang comes up with a new game and they are so  much fun. I always want to go out and buy the new product, but rarely get around to it, and if I do I can’t find anyone to play with. My game night has just about gotten down to New Years Eve.
Our pastor, Rev. Lynn Jones, and his wife, Danielle, attended the Ole Miss-Texas Christian Uni-versity game, played in the Peach Bowl. Think they would have rather been with us. In the absence of Bro. Lynn, our Youth Pastor Dustin Pierce led the  youth activities of the night and prayed in the New Year.
I was so sorry to learn that both Ole Miss and State lost their games. Report was that most of the SEC teams lost and that’s unusual.
Talked to Jimmie shortly after lunch Wednesday and she reported that she’d turned off the game and was putting away Christmas decorations. Now this must have been a disappointing game if she turned it off. Next day Bo reported that he’d beaten her—said he watched three plays and went outside to do yard work.
I didn’t even turn the TV on—was busy cooking for the party. Of course, I’m not much of a football fan—do like to hear that our teams have won, though.
Thursday I watched the Rose Parade, for the first time in several years. Bands were tremendous and the cameras actually stayed on them long enough for spectators to enjoy the music and marching. I didn’t think the floats were as outstanding as in past years. Cal-Poly didn’t even win the animation award. Floats were beautiful and certainly covered some issues that needed addressing, but  just didn’t wow me—maybe I’ve just watched too many parades. The equestrian groups were also excellent and in  abundance.
Friday Mom and I sat and watched the rain come down all day. Bo had brought me a sausage gravy and biscuit, along with just a sausage and biscuit—wanted me to have plenty of breakfast. Ate the gravy and biscuit and saved the other for later—glad I did because there was no way I was going out in all that rain for food.
Saturday morning I did go shopping in the rain for a couple of items. Great-niece Caroline’s birthday party was being held at Jimmie’s and Bill’s in the afternoon and I had not even bought a card, much less a gift. Walmart stays open all night so when I got in at 5:30, found Mom still sleeping, I decided it would be a good time to shop. Wrong! The place had many customers, with loaded carts, and they had only one check-out stand in operation. I was behind three people and the lady in front of me had two buggies loaded to the hilt.         About half way through her second cart, they opened another stand and the three gentlemen behind me urged me to go first, as I had only a few items. It’s very rewarding to find that we still do have southern gentlemen.          Back at the nursing home I found another gentleman. I had gathered up everything that needed to go to mom’s room and was going to have to put down several bags in order to punch in the code and then open the door. A kind man motioned that he’d open the door, and he did, then offered to help me get to the room. Thanked him, but assured him I could make it fine after I was inside. I much appreciate not having to put down bags on the wet floor and then pick them up again. All those helpful folks just made my day.
In the afternoon I left Mom alone again—something we rarely do. Think she slept through my entire absences, but the aids and nurses watched after her and that was appreciated.
Caroline’s party was fun and it was good seeing her other grandparents, along with Missy, Michael and Jack, most of our family and some of the Cole family. Food was delicious—barbecue and all the trimmings, along with birthday cake and ice cream. I was hungry, so I ate way too much.
It was fun watching Caroline with all her gifts. Her favorite was a bouncy horse—a Wonder Horse when Jim, William, and Michael were little. The new and improved model is made by Radio Flyer. It looks to be engineered a little better and also has some sound effects. Michael showed Caroline how to mount the steed and after a couple of tries she was getting on board by herself.         She’s probably going to be an excellent horsewoman. Bill says that she has named the old horse that lives on the Cole farm, “Man.” This horse has never had a name—only being referred to as horse. When you watch and listen to this young lady, it’s hard to believe that she is just two years old.
Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and that we all have a great year.
Also hope that these predicted cold days are few and that we get no precipitation while the temperature is below freezing.

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