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Street Talk

Don’t Be  A Slacker – Make A Resolution

By Mickey Howley

How many of us make a New Year’s resolution? If you can trust surveys, the answer is about 40 percent. Which makes me feel pretty good, because I’m with the majority on this one. I don’t set resolutions and the New Year doesn’t seem to be a beginning, but just another day on the planet. However the day does start with a headache and the chore of picking up exploded paper debris. But enough people do set resolutions and those have a general pattern. Many are about health, so like loosing some weight, resolving to eat properly, and do exercises first thing in the morning. All the stuff one never has done. Ever. Resolutions often deal with financial desires such as make more money, saving more money, cutting back on debt, or buying less. Then there are the spiritual and experience resolves like praying more, traveling more, enjoying more, learning more, or more time with the family (really not sure about that last one). Those same surveys say we fail or believe we fail in our resolutions 88 percent of the time. That means only 12 percent of resolution makers have positive results. So if I do the rough math, means only one in twenty people have a successful New Year’s resolution history. In my negative view of the world, that’s actually pretty good. Somebody succeeds!
So if you’re in that sixty percent of those who don’t even try like me (by the way welcome to the club), but maybe have just a glimmer of guilt that somehow you ought to do something to improve yourself and the planet and while you’re at it improve Main Street, too…here’s a few suggestions from a fellow slacker. Do something this year!
Join Main Street. Of course, you knew I was gonna say that!  Along with the Arts Council we think we’re a fun and results driven bunch. You know the stuff we do like fixing buildings, helping businesses new and old, creative economy and creative events, and making downtown the place to be is rewarding. Having real fun and making an economic difference. Sure it is not totally sexy stuff, it can be dirty work, but nonetheless fun.
Eat something. And do it downtown in the Valley. The restaurant list gets longer every year – a solid trend and keep it going!
Hang out. Watch life pass by and sip something. The BTC, Turnage, D&D, Crawdad, and Main Attraction are great places for that.
Relax yourself. Sit in Railroad Park and relax, enjoy the view, bring a drink (non-alcoholic and don’t smoke either in the park).
Fix something. Valley Lumber, Sartains, Napa, and Mid-Town have fixing materials and tools for your place and your ride.
Drink something. Local beer is the best in my world view. Local draft beer “Made on Main” is a something we can proudly say and just about every town in Mississippi is envious of.  
Hear something. Valley Vinyl is the cool new retro record store in town and the Loft on Main series is always special.
Walk somewhere. Park the machine. Use downtown’s new crosswalks but watch for texters on wheels.
And don’t worry about others. Live and let live.

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