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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Weather is the hot topic today (Monday). After the extremely cold week before, combined with the gloomy, drizzly days and nights, it was such a joy to actually burst into the bright sunlight going on over to Batesville Thurs-day afternoon. A little before 4 p.m. I turned on the Pope/Water Valley Road and the sun was almost blinding. I really should have stopped and dug out my sunglasses, but didn’t.
Glad there was little traffic. Then coming home Sunday  morning I again braved the bright sunshine, still having not found the sunglasses. It did feel good on my face though and I drove slowly, again with little traffic. Sunshine is still with us today and we’re all wanting to go do something outside. Think I might even be tempted to go find a fishing pole—only thing is I might catch one and then have to clean it.     
Cleaning fish has never been one of my favorite things to do. However, when Jim was young, he did enjoy fishing and the late Stanley True often saw that he had a fishing outing on a regular basis. Stan would have gladly cleaned Jim’s fish, but Jim wanted to do that himself. And he mostly did.
Scales went everywhere and he even left a few for Mom so I could also enjoy his sport. He cleaned the fish in the sink. It was always a joy watching Jim having such an exciting time—until I had to clean the fish scales off the ceiling, floor and everything in between. In lieu of a fishing trip, golf or tennis would be great—if I knew how to play—so maybe I’ll just settle for a walk.
On occasion Mom decides she just doesn’t want food. Thursday was one of those days.The sitter advised me that she’d only eaten a few bites at breakfast and lunch. I assured her it would be okay that I’d be sure she ate a good supper—and she did, but only after a struggle. First bite in – she spit out into her hand. I very carefully explained that she’d had very little food that day and needed to eat. I then made her put the food back in her mouth and swallow it. She did, but there was a consequence. With her loose hand she buried a fingernail in my hand. Mom has sharp strong nails, as do I, and if you’re just accidentally scratched by one it hurts.
One of her nails intentionally stabbed into a hand is a painful wound. Although  it’s only about a quarter-inch long the place is not completely healed—and I heal fast. Was thankful that she was very cooperative in the eating arena for the rest of the week. Did balk a bit on taking showers, but she doesn’t have much choice in this.
 Bo and Carolyn brought me supper Thursday night —Zaxby’s cajun chicken and onion rings and they were good.
Jimmie came by and brought me up on Caroline’s latest antics. Seems she wanted to ride her new bouncy horse and her dad, Michael, was on the phone and couldn’t help her get on.  Caroline proceeded to mount her steed and was riding him. Michael saw her lean over to the horse’s head and command, “Cut that cow, cut that cow horse.”          Cousins Harris and Ian Cole, her Aunt  Karen and Uncle William, along with her dad,  all ride in cutting competitions. it seems she’s learned this sport fast and I’m sure she’s going to be a very young cutting horse champion.
Bo says that he may get the Christmas decorations down, and stored, in time to pull them out and put them back up in November. They are pretty, and I do enjoy them, but don’t know that I’d put that much work into decorating. Get to enjoy Carolyn’s and Bo’s outside decorations and Bill’s and Jimmie’s inside. My house finally got a wreath hung on the front door.
Several wanted to know where the cake was Sunday morning. Had to disappoint them—simply did not have time to bake or cook over the weekend. Louis Green said he passed out from low sugar, because he didn’t have any cake. I promise to do better next time. Louis said he survived because he found two cookies.
Our Sunday School lesson was on abortion, coinciding with the week of the sanctity of human life. The abortion statics are almost unbelievable. Over 56 million documented abortions since Roe vs Wade in 1973;  one out of five conceptions are aborted. Many believe that human life begins at birth, but medical stats don’t substantiate that. At 18-24 days there is a heart beat, at about 45 days there is brain activity, at three months the baby sucks its thumb and also kicks like a NFL kicker (that’s from personal experience—Jim could kick like a horse).
Now all that does not happen from a blob. My question is why abort a healthy baby, when there are millions of parents out there who would give it a great home and society wouldn’t lose a valuable individual. Just think of the great doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, statesmen and women, businessmen and women, farmers, and the list goes on and on, that have been lost in that 56 million aborted babies. I urge mothers to have those babies and I assure you that good homes will be found for them.
The Arts Council is again looking for local art to be hung in Renasant Bank. Since we don’t have a Water Valley art gallery, it’s wonderful to have a place for all these great pieces to be displayed. Wish I had some talent, I’d like to have a showing.
Congratulations to all Yalobusha County young men and women competitors in the Livestock Shows. They always do well in the county, district, and Dixie National Shows. Do miss attending these shows—when William and Michael competed we always made a day or so of each. Maybe when Briley and Caroline start showing in these event, we’ll get back to attending. If Harris and Ian participated, I’ve missed them. Without Ed I don’t travel as much, so I’ve missed a lot.

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