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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Missed seeing all my paper route friends last week. Was out due to our having  Betty Hill’s funeral at Woodland Hills. I am chair of the hospitality committee and also a long-time friend of this family so I  definitely wanted to be there. David delivered the papers.

Eddie Magee came in right behind me and was a tremendous help—also provided much needed fellowship. Betty and I have served in the kitchen for so many years and she’s usually there just about the same time I arrive. I was dreading that first time alone in the kitchen,  but Eddie did a good job of filling the void. He’s also a good source of knowing who everyone is—think he knows everyone in the county. By the time he had to leave, several more had arrived and among them was Eddie’s sister, Lynn—enjoyed visiting with her.

Lynn and I don’t cross paths very often and it was great to catch up. Many, who are not on the committee, also came to help—Cathy Sartain, Becky York, Ruby Bennett, Hazel Johnson, Sissy Schmitz (a committee member) and many others. Also, so many people brought food, many non-church members—and it was deeply appreciated by the family and me. Ed seems to be doing okay and was back in church Sunday, along with daughter, Malinda in the morning service, and Lynn Magee was his driver for the night service. It was good to have both Malinda and Lynn with us.


Going over to Batesville Thursday afternoon on Highway 315, between 328 and the convenience store, a highway patrolman  stopped me, told me I’d have to detour because an 18-wheeler had wrecked and the highway was blocked. I’m not good at driving off my beaten track. First thought I’d just turn around, go back to the Valley and in on Highway 32—that’s a long trip to Batesville and I was already running late. The officer gave excellent directions so I decided to try the detour, but I’d just about decided that I’d not followed them correctly—seemed like it took forever to get to the second turn.

My only hope was that I kept meeting so much traffic that I was sure was not usually on that little narrow road. Finally came to an unmarked road off to the left, and it was even worse than the road off 328. Much of the time my right wheels were off the pavement.  I’m sure I had to travel at least 50 miles to cover a couple of miles on 315. It took me an extra 30 minutes for the trip and the poor folks following me were also 30 minutes late—I’m  sure they hate me.

When I started home late Saturday afternoon the thought passed through my brain— “I sure hope they’ve gotten that 18-wheeler off 315.” Well they had and I arrived in plenty of time to dress for our Valentine banquet.

I thought my family was being so nice and wanted me to have a great evening out (and I’m sure they did). However, they’d had some prompting to get me to the party. I was honored to be chosen as one of the valentine queens for 2015, along with Mrs. Ruby Turner. Was enjoying visiting with guests, Elizabeth and Ben Wright and church members, Mrs. Evelyn Thomas, Patti Goodwin, Brenda and James Marshall. Then the announcement came that I was to move to the head table as one of the queens. Only been surprised that much once before and that was when Junior Auxiliary choose Ed and me to receive their inspiration award several years ago.

Being chosen queen is a very special honor and I appreciate it so much, however there were several other women more deserving. Woodland Hills is so blessed. We have our own resident chef, Michael Red-wine, and the food was delicious. He did have some help (they all did a good job) and the youth servers were so efficient.

Our entertainment was Darrell Logan of Bruce, a ventriloquist, who was wonderful. He is a distant relative of Clark Logan, our State Farm insurance agent for several years. Seated at the table with the Logans were guests, Katherine and Bob Jones, and church members, Chad McDuff and Jennifer  York Swinkowski. Was good to have Katherine and Bob with us. There were so many guests that I wouldn’t dare attempt to name all of them, but we were so happy to have each of you visiting.


These warm days have been so nice—hope they continue. Also, happy Valentine day to everyone.


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