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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

We’re working on getting delivery deadlines closer to normal. For the past two week’s we’ve made the deadline for postal delivery, but have run about an hour and a half late on store deliveries. It was my first time to deliver in the 7-8 time slot. Had no idea that the traffic was so much heavier during this time slot, than from six until seven. Made it fine, but it does slow you down—took about half an hour longer to make the trip. Saw an entirely different group of  breakfast eaters and shoppers. Store personnel were the same and it was good to see them.

Did miss Carol Smith at Larson’s. Was so sorry to learn that she lost her husband, James, after a long bout with cancer. Sym-pathy is extended to the Smith family.


After a beautiful weekend of weather, the bad stuff came in late Sunday and continued on Monday. I just hope it stays above the freezing mark—don’t want to experience another 1994 ice storm. In 1994 we had wood back-up heat for our totally electric home and Ed was around to bring in the wood and make fires. I still have a wood insert and an open fireplace, but the only wood on the hill is still in piles up and down the driveway.

On Saturday Mom and I spent the day looking out the window and wishing we were out in those high 60 temperatures. We could hear the birds singing and many nursing home visitors and employees reported that they had daffodils blooming. Mom’s may have been in bloom—from her house, I leave in the dark and return in the dark, so it’s hard to see the pretty flowers. Soon the flower gardens on the Eureka and Pope/Water Valley Roads will be in full bloom. Someone, years ago, planted long stretches of these  roadsides with daffodils and Dorothy Perkins roses. Also the natural plants—wisteria and others add to the beauty.


Enjoyed listening to, and butting into, a visit between Water Valley School Superintendent Kim Chrestman and David this morning. David was presenting him a check to help fund the new reading program and I got to snap the picture. In the four years Mr. Chrestman has been in the Valley I’ve not gotten to visit with him very much—mostly to say “hello” and direct him to the member of the staff he needed. I’m sorry to see him leave us, but understand him wanting to enjoy some leisure time. Listening to his and David’s conversation, I learned a lot about our school system and some of the exciting learning measures that have been put into place during Mr. Chrestman’s tenure. Told him that I remembered when he was just a member of the coaching staff. And I remember him as one of the gentlemen coaches. I think that character has continued into his administrative years.


Was so sorry to learn of the death of long-time friend  Ernestine Aune on Friday. Charles Cooper came in this morning  to tell me, knowing that I’m out of town every  weekend. Ernie and I visit each month, when he calls, or comes by, to give me the Lion’s pancake breakfast schedule, and at that time usually brings me up to date on Ernestine and the sons. Missed that visit the first of February—he only gave me the facts for the breakfast. Kris and Jim were in the same class and  Eddie was our CPA for a few years, so know those two sons, better than David and Kelly, but always enjoyed keeping up with all the boys and their families. Ernestine was such a lovely lady and she did so much for the school, Blackmur Library, the T&C GC, First Baptist Church and the entire Water Valley community. She will be missed by all of us and Jim and I extend our deepest sympathy to Ernie, David, Eddie, Kelly, Kris, and the entire Aune family.


A note from Jerry Lynch, who lived in the Valley for many years, tells us that she’s having back surgery February 12 in Jacksonville, Fla. She continues that she’s looking at a long recovery and that her walker and her have got to be friends. She says she misses being in Water Valley because she has so many special friends here, but she knows she is where she needs to be. Thanks for writing Jerry and hopefully your surgery will get you to where you can come and visit us.



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