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Rainbow Valley Singers To Carry On Tradition

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good  week.

Since I’ve been trying for the last two weeks  to get over this virus everyone seems to have, some interviews I planned had to be postponed. What I’d like  to do is bring you up to date on several  things we’re working on at the present time.  First, “The Valley Echos,” founded by Hubert, is moving forward. Renamed  “The Rainbow Valley Singers,” they pledge to carry on the tradition of appearing in  nursing homes and assisted care facilities in Water Valley, Batesville, and Holly Springs, just as Hubert did for over two decades. 

Those of us who are able to come and go  as we please,  don’t realize what it must be like to have your world restricted to the four walls of  a  nursing home. One lady  told one of the band she wished we would come every week which, of course, is not possible.  However, I do ask any of you who have a group to try to donate some time to  them occasionally. 

I have been following the pros and cons of the new beer restrictions and it has always amazed me how politicians feel they have to constantly pass laws or amend existing laws to justify their existence. At least when they go on vacation we know they are not doing any damage to us. 

Will Rogers said over 80 years ago, “I don’t  make political jokes, I just pick up the paper and see what Congress is doing and report the facts, but when Congress makes a joke it becomes a law and when they make a law, it’s a joke.” 

Mr. W.A. Nolen, a fine old merchant here years ago wrote comments in the Herald called “Do you remember?” One has always stood out in my mind when he asked, “Do you remember when I ran for office on $50 I had borrowed from Charlie Hague and won?” 

Now politicians spend more time raising money than than they do on the job they were elected to do. One thing you can depend on, once or twice a year I get fed up and have to let off steam. 

I think you are going to like some of the interviews coming up in the near future.  Let me hear from you as I still depend on your input as I have over the years.  My email address is or write me c/o The Herald and have a great week.


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