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Why Do We Need Milk And Bread For Icy Weather?

By Coulter Fussell

In this column I’m supposed to write about what it’s like to live around here. Not too difficult a burden as surely 500 words worth of noteworthy things happen in seven days of one’s life…or you would think. I’m starting to see that the only way to accurately describe life in the hill country right now is to use my entire 500 word allotment with just the phrase “cold and rainy.” There’s really nothing much left to say after that. 

We are apparently entering another ice age because the town keeps freezing. And in turn, the Piggly Wiggly runs out of milk and bread. Why do we all think we need milk and bread under the threat of being iced in for a day or two? Are we all going to develop calcium deficiencies in 48 hours? Or die for lack of sandwich? I’m going to go ahead and say liquor and toilet paper might be more helpful in an emergency situation. Or any situation, for that matter. 

So, yes, it’s cold but despite the arctic winter there are still a few changes happening in the Valley. The best of which is the Mechanics Bank renovation. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this and not just because it is vastly improving the look of Main Street. But because the process is like having a time machine. Right now we can see what Mechanics Bank looked like a long time ago. It was very brick-y. And I like how their sign went from insanely huge to super duper tiny. I always wondered why the Mechanics Bank sign was so incredibly large. Well, now I know! I assumed it was that big so that it could house as many bird nests as possible.

But no, it was that big because it used to be so hilariously teeny. I imagine that they will find a good sign size that is somewhere between the two.

Another change on Main Street is that the BTC shook it up on the inside and moved things around for the better. They moved the diner to the front and got a fryer for Dixie and put her name on the sign. It has been great! Dixie can now make us fried chicken and fries and we can eat them while we look out the front window at who all still doesn’t use the crosswalks and who all is mysteriously sitting alone in the Garden Club Pavilion. I love Dixie’s restaurant no matter how it’s arranged but this is definitely the way it should be. And the onion rings are also how they should be: delicious. 

The last thing I can think of that changed is that my oldest child did that thing kids do where they cut their own bangs extremely close to their hairline. Why is this a thing? Does every kid just wake up one day, look in the mirror and say,”I’m a kid. And today is the day I cut the front of my hair back to my scalp. After that, I move on with my life.” He cut his bangs completely off yet left his long and luxurious rat tail. Hill country born and bred.

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