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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Don’t think I can ever remember such erratic weather patterns in our area before February and March of 2015.

Went home just before six Tuesday night and drove in very heavy fog. It was very scary crossing the bypass on Hwy. 315. I really could not see well enough to cross safely, but there was no other way home. I looked carefully to my left (could see no visible lights) so went to the median, looked right, then crossed that lane very quickly.

Made it! 

I was so glad the fog had lifted Wednesday morning—I’m sure had it not, paper delivery would have been late again.

After the snow and ice of the previous weekend, the temperature went up into the 70s before the middle of last week. Since the fog was gone, I left the house about 5 a.m. to begin the Wednesday paper route. My van thermometer said it was 69 degrees—I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and it was very comfortable.

Was sure I’d have rain before completion of the route, but got back to the office just as a few drops began to fall. We did get lots more later in the day and by night fall the temperature had dropped drastically. Went to prayer meeting and found that it had been cancelled.  Back at home I still doubted that we’d get the predicted ice and sleet. Went to bed only to be awakened in the night by heavy sleet.

Jim had called to check on me before I went to bed and I told him that I’d ask God to please just send sleet and no frozen rain—knew the way the rain was falling when I came in from prayer meeting (a slow drizzle) it would all freeze on lines and trees. We know what a mess that can make from our experience with the ’94 ice storm. When I talked to Jim again, he asked about my sleet request—told him it went well except that I didn’t specify how much to send. His reply was, “Well, I’ve told you to be careful what you pray for.”

I couldn’t get the van off my hill until about three in the afternoon on Friday. There was still ice on 315 until I got to Profit Bridge. After that it was smooth sailing until I got to Highway 6. There I found the most traffic I’ve ever seen on that road. Trying to get on I almost got hit. I had come to a complete stop, looked and didn’t see anything in the outer lane, so I started to pull out.

Stopped with about a coat of paint between me and an oncoming vehicle—must have pulled over from the inner lane. Gave me a scare. Drove in that lane all the way to Batesville, with both lanes completely filled and the oncoming lanes were just as congested.

A mile or so from the Batesvillle City Limit, we all had to come to a complete stop. This lasted for some time and then we moved very slowly, stopping periodically, to well inside the city. Probably took 30+ minutes to get to my turnoff on Woodland Drive. Got inside and found Bo. He assured me that I could get too Mom’s when the sitter got there at 8. Told him I was there and was staying until the Spring Thaw. He thought I was crazy but called Dorothy and told her to stay home I was sitting Friday night. I did go to Mom’s Saturday night and then home early Sunday morning. Was still a few icy spots on the Pope-WV Road Sunday.

After the beautiful sunshine Friday and Saturday, the rain returned on Sunday and has continued today (Monday). Everyone coming in has seen the weather and report that it will continue for a few more days. I’m ready for sunshine and warm temps.

Didn’t like the change to  Daylight Savings Time Sunday morning either—really think it’s too early this year. My body is not ready to get up an hour earlier and I worry about the school children, who will have to board those buses in the dark.


Life is dull when you have to stay home. I did do some cooking. Made chicken and sausage gumbo, chicken and dumplings, pot roast, and chicken livers, lots of veggies, salads, and cornbread. Probably gained a few pounds—I really don’t need to stay home with food.  Also did some laundry, a little house cleaning—spring cleaning really needs warm weather. Watched lots of TV, mostly news (not good) old westerns and movies, and it always surprises me to see the guests stars who pop up on these programs.


  Maybe our lives will return to a normal schedule this week (at least no snow and ice) and I do hope the students get a few good days during their spring break.


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