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Street Talk

Get Out And Make The Valley Look Better

By Mickey Howley

So this year it has gone from snow on the roof and ice on the ground to grass getting green in slightly over one week. So much for gentle transitions. Spring is here and I know it. My watery eyes, runny nose and constant sneezing are sure-fire indictors. But I’m not the only one; I see many others so afflicted.

And it is also the time of the year your Main Street merchants are adjusting their stock. You might not think this, but retailers follow the shifting seasons, it is not just for the holiday season. They’re getting ready for your post winter hibernating activity. Like spring cleaning and sprucing up the place.

Time to get out and make the Valley look better. 

So think what you can do, now that the days have grown longer. And why.

Think paint. Paint is pretty marvelous product. Starts out a liquid and becomes a solid. It is thin, goes on easy, relatively inexpensive, protects what is underneath it and adds color to the surface. Paint has two basic components, it has color and that comes from pigment and then it has a binder and that is what makes the pigment adhere. The binder is also what gives paint its gloss, durability, and flexibility.

There’s a bunch of places downtown to buy paint and get good advice about how to use it. Valley Lumber has a pigment rack and mixing capabilities and a wide color palate selection. Sartain’s Hardware has plenty of paint also. Both have brushes and tape and drop cloths, painting supplies, gloves and all the stuff you need. Remember prep work is the key to a good paint job, so check your surface first for stability and cleanliness before you slap on the paint.

Plus it is a good time of year to protect the paint on your wheels. Wash the car and then wax it. That coat of wax protects the paint and the metal underneath it. Plus everybody loves a slick ride. Stop in Midtown or NAPA for your polish and wax supplies. Buff that machine. It is all about protecting the paint.

Paint is an old concept. Cave art drawing.  The paint was ground earth or pulverized vegetables mixed in animal fat. That’s right, paleo art is dirt, plants, and fat all creatively smeared and dried on a rock. Cleaning and painting, it’s primordial.

Speaking of paint and making life look better, the new show opening at Bozarts Friday at 6 p.m. is  “Big Skies” with paintings by Caren Vitell and Elizabeth Hughes Bass. It is a spring show; both Caren and Elizabeth capture the  vibrant colors of spring and summer skies. You think that it is easy to paint skies, like it is just blue? This might be a big task, but get up before dawn (I realized for most of you that has been awhile) and watch the sun rise, just sit still for 15 minutes and see the colors as the world lightens up. Open your eyes. Drink a coffee maybe. It is magical. Then try to capture that magical energy with paint. Not so easy. Come out and see the captured light.



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