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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

While visiting with friend, Eddie Magee, Wednesday morning at the Water Valley Gas Mart (Exxon Station) two other men came out and began talking with him. Was looking at the man on his left and thought, this man looks familiar and was struggling to come up with a name.”

Eddie says, “do you know these two?”  I was about to tell him no, when the man I was staring at says, “I know you.”  He laughed and says, “Betty, you’re not supposed to know me.” Then he explained that Frank Berle Brooks had introduced him a couple of days before when they were in the office together.  He is Allen Rogers, who has purchased Frank Berle’s son’s (Brad’s) home. 

After he explained who he was I did remember him, and was grateful to have a name to go with that face. My question was what Rogers are you? and his answer was “Allen.”

He then laughed and says, “I’m not kin to any of the local Rogers. Kidding, I says, “That might be a plus.”  Then went on to tell him that I loved all the Rogers and expected to get to know and love him, also. The man on Eddie’s right says,”I know you, too.” Well, when I looked at him, I knew that he indeed did.

There facing me was long-time friend, Jack Lowry, husband of Laura Jo Burns Lowry (daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jake Burns). Jo, Jack and I were all students at Northwest Mississippi Junior College back in the ’50s. Think Jack and I actually had a class or two together. Enjoyed the visit fellows.


Met another Water Valley person in the Golden Living nursing Home on Friday. Chastidy Freeman, who usually works on B-Wing, came over to help out in A-Wing. I Introduced myself and she says,  “I’m from Water Valley and am a 1995 graduate of Water Valley High School.”

Her mother is Diane Freeman, who had the restaurant out on Highway 315, and is about to reopen it. Told Chastidy to tell her Mom that we were ready to eat some of her good southern cooking. She is a very pretty young woman—looks like a teenager—and is just so much fun to be around.


Weather was definitely the headline news again this week. I got into the nursing home Thursday afternoon right before the heavy rain began. It  was cold and raining all day Friday and most of Saturday. I did not go out for food. Carolyn and Bo brought me a plate from Burns Barbecue Friday night. Got four frog legs, three hushpuppies, fries, and tartar  sauce—it was so good. I had a chef salad from Larson’s, lots  of fruit, cereal, cookies and the old stand bys—pimento and cheese and peanut butter and jelly. Can’t starve with all that. I had a straight 50 hours of sitting last week. Our Friday night sitter was attending her daughter’s wedding in Georgia, I think.

On Saturday, Bo came up about noon to put in a Shepherd’s crook to hold a bird feeder and some potted plants. Looks pretty and we’ll all enjoy seeing the birds. As he was leaving I walked out with him to get my Bible and Sunday school book—needed to do a little more studying. The ladies in the  foyer saw me without a coat and told me I was going to freeze—they thought they’d been seeing snow flakes. I was sure it was not that bad, but when I stepped out into that north wind, I was not so sure.

They really were seeing snow, even though it was only 41 degrees. I’m sure it was snowing up high and it was almost melted when it got to ground level.  Bo said there were snow flurries until almost dark. In Batesville the break came about five—the sun came out so pretty and it was warm coming through the window.

When I went home about 8:30 the stars were still out.  However, during the night another rain storm rolled through. Then it was cloudy and raining most of Sunday, but the temperature went up, it had stopped raining when I returned to church Sunday night and we had to turn on the air.

Went to bed Sunday night, thinking it was all over, but about one o’clock another storm rolled through and it dumped more water. Plants should have plenty of moisture to germinate and grow in this year.


Sister-in-law Faye Poindexter Shearer is scheduled to arrive later this afternoon (Monday). She is coming up to attend the funeral of her sister, Linda Poindexter Cox of Baton Rouge, La., who will be buried in Houston. Linda died Saturday night.  I know many of her high school classmates and Valley friends will be interested to know of her death. Sympathy is extended to the Poindexter and Cox families.


Can’t believe that we’re already to Easter Sunday.  This year has just flown by. Sunday will also be Jim’s 51st birthday. He was born on a Sunday, but in 1964, it was the Sunday after Easter. Didn’t get to wear my new Easter dress until April 12.

Do hope everyone has a happy Easter. Do attend a worship service in the church of your choice.




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