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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

On Wednesday Robert Montgomery came by and told us what Agnes was fixing for prayer meeting supper at the Presbyterian Church. On the menu was fried pies. Sent word that she could cook a couple of extras and drop them by the Herald office. On Thursday morning Robert came by with four pies—one each for Mel, David and me, and one for me to take to the nursing for a snack that night. I was so busy all day Thursday that I never got around to eating mine, so took both of them to the nursing home.

I shared my pies with Mom and she loved them. David and Mel also enjoyed theirs, a lot. Thanks so much for the delicious treats, Agnes, and thank you Robert for being such a good delivery boy.


Brandon Brooks replaced my culvert over the weekend, working in very bad weather conditions and even for awhile on Easter Sunday. He has done a great job—I highly recommend him for any driveway or other roadway work. That culvert was put in over 55 years ago, when our house was built—it has served well. Told Brandon that I didn’t expect to need him again on that project—I’m confident I’ll not live that long, but if I have other problems in his realm  of expertise I’ll certainly call him.

I also thank my supervisor, Lee McMinn for all his advice. Our supervisors can’t do the work on private property, but they are valuable source for information. They know what needs to be done and will suggest people who can do the job (Brandon was just the first on the suggested list that I called. Others I’m sure would have also done a great job, but I’m glad I got Brandon—gave me a chance to know him again.

His father, the late Brad Brooks, and Jim were very close to the same age. Also remember brother, Justin). Do appreciate Lee and all our supervisors. I’ve known Tommy Vaughn and Bro. Amos Sims for many years, and I’ve gotten to know Beat Five Supervisor Bubba Tillman in the last few months. Sorry that I don’t know our Beat Four supervisor. 


In the early part of last week Amanda Beard called to tell us that she had sighted a hummingbird and wanted to know if it was the first we’d heard of. It was, Amanda, and thanks for letting us know. I tried to return your call, but got no answer—did leave a message. However our schedule last week was so erratic, that I’m sure we just missed each other.


Brother Bo has his feeders up and the weekend before we’d discussed the migration of the hummers. Bo was so afraid that the birds had missed him. Guess because of all the horrible weather we’ve had, they’re just slow in coming in. I only saw Carolyn and Bo for a few minutes Friday night.

I was late getting to Mom’s but stopped by their house for just a few minutes to tell them I’d leave the nursing home and go home, via the Eureka Road, Saturday night, so we didn’t take time to discuss birds.

I did get to see some pictures of Nephew Briley and his baking  skills. He had made some watermelon flavored cupcakes. Carolyn said he did it all—opened the box, put the mix in the bowl, added the other ingredients, and ran the mixer.        

Then he put the muffin liners in the pan and filled them. Put them in the oven and went to play while they cooked. Returning to the kitchen, he opened the oven door and exclaims, “Where’d they go?”  Carolyn said she explained that they were done so she took them out. He was upset because he did not get to take his cupcakes out. He quickly settled down though, when she let him make the icing, ice the cakes, and then even decorate them. He did a great job—Now this is a child that just turned three in November.

All our children though, have learned to cook at at early age—maybe not to this extent. Jim, Briley’s mother, Misty, and Madison, all stirred pudding and creamed corn while I held them on my hip. I’m missing out on teaching Briley and Caroline.

Caroline’s escapade this week was potato chip distribution. Jimmy said she was busy in the kitchen and Caroline wanted chips. She just handed her the bag, which was almost empty and this “sweet” child went back to the den to watch TV. Jimmie says after a few minutes she heard Caroline laughing so hard she went to see what was on TV that was  so funny. Found the source of the merriment—this young lady had smashed the chips, and was spinning around with chips flying all over the den. Jimmie administered punishment (I sure it was horrible) and then spent about an hour vacuuming up all of the potato chips.

Bo and Carolyn shared some exciting news. Our niece, Don and Gina’s daughter, Madison, and her husband, Woody Drake, (who have not called me) are having a baby—due in November. Congratulations! even though I did have to learn about this blessed event second hand.


A note from subscriber Patsy Wright of Senatobia just said, “Hi Betty!”  It’s always great  just to get a hi and  it came at a great time. Last week, while delivering papers, a group of the younger set—Jim’s age— and I were discussing former businesses on Main Street. One that I was trying to explain was Patsy’s husband’s, the late Gearrell’s store, Tops and Jeans.

From there I had to tell them about all the businesses from the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant to the south end of Main, covering both sides. When the bottling plant was mentioned, they all exclaimed, “We had Water Valley Cokes.” They were also amazed at all the other things we have had on Main Street.


A note from Bobbie Samuels of Oxford reads: “I look forward to getting the Herald each week. I enjoy it very much—it’s like visiting old friends.” She added that grandson Michael (Rhyne) is making plans to build a new dental clinic in Houston this year. Michael was one of Ed’s music students for many years, so Bobbie has to share that grand with me. He is the son of Donna and Dwight Rhyne.


Mary Ann Nichols (Mrs. Tom) of  Benton, Arkansas and her sister, Keith Jane Cheney of Oxford, were in for a visit this morning (Monday). They are Kirkwood sisters and were here for the reunion  of the late Lowell Willingham’s family. Caught up on the lives of  his sons and their children. Learned that the late Eleanor Nichols’ daughter, Cheryl, is married to a Hughes and lives in the Courtland area. Also discovered that they are cousins of Charles Cooper and the list of relatives just went on and on. I knew lots of them. We did have a most enjoyable visit.


Hope everyone had a happy Easter. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Woodland, followed by a wonderful service of music and an excellent sermon by our pastor, Bro. Lynn Jones. The rest of my day was a lot of fun—did something I rarely do, went home and took a nap. Didn’t see the Easter Bunny or a dyed or candy egg.


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