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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

As most of you who read this column on a regular basis know, it rarely addresses serious subjects or causes. Well this week I’ve had enough, so I’m putting my two cents worth into the regulation of beer in Water Valley.

A long-time ago we had a referendum on the question of legalizing the sale of beer in Water Valley. Petitions were circulated and we were asked to sign—simply to have the choice of voting for or against the sale of beer put before the voters. 

Ed said, “We’ll sign to bring it to a vote but Betty and I will vote against the sale of beer.”

“No problem,” said the petition bearer, “We just want it brought to a vote, the way you vote is your choice.”

For our signature on this petition we were called before the church—Camp Ground Baptist, where Ed was music director and I was in the choir. Ed did the explaining, stating that we had simply signed the petition calling for a vote on the question to be put on the ballot and that we certainly intended to vote against it.

The problem was settled with the church—no hard feelings. The sale of beer was defeated and everyone just accepted the vote of the people and we all lived happily for a long time after. And I’m sure had the vote been “for” it would have been accepted, without extensive regulating.

As I have set, or just read, the many regulations, and revised regulations about beer sales in the City recently, I have become disgusted with the controversy over same.

From what I’ve read this week, it seems like it  has become a power struggle, with the mayor, board, and city attorney pitted against private citizens. I’m sorry, but I think elected officials and the attorney appointed by the elected need to get input from the citizens who have elected them, respectfully.

On the question of alcohol, the Lord said, “In moderation.” When I teach on this subject, I always preface my remarks with, “Now I’m much stronger against alcohol than the Lord—I preach abstinence.”                          “However, I will not force my opinion on anyone—I will try to reason with them. I think that’s all any of us has the right to do. In closing my remarks on this subject, let me say, “I’ve never consumed a bottle of beer, and never expect to. I hope you don’t either, but if you choose to do so, now that it’s legal in WV, I’ll fight to the bitter end for your freedom of choice to do so”


Now on with my week. On the drives in and around WV and then over to Batesville last weekend, the scenery was breathtaking. I do believe that every sprig of wisteria that has every been put into the ground has bloomed this year. Added to this is dogwoods in full bloom, along with redbuds, azaleas, iris, and so many more blooming plants. Added to this, all the trees are completely green—and the spring green on trees is such a beautiful color.


Thursday night Mom and I, along with most of the other residents of the nursing home got very little sleep. We had two tremendous thunderstorms roll through, bringing about two and a half inches of rain. We, however did not lose power, which I’m sure happened in the Valley—all my clocks were flashing when I got home.

I had two nights in the nursing home. Both sitters were out of pocket on Saturday night so I volunteered to sit. Brothers Bo and Rance had moved in a storage building at Rance and Ginny’s home and they both were in bad shape—not sure they could have made it through the night. Rance came in to relieve me at seven Sunday morning and he still was moving very slowly. He did stop and get me breakfast, which I appreciated. When the weather is bad I just eat anything available—mostly junk food,  or food I’ve brought in. On Thursday I ran late and didn’t pick up fruit, salad, and sandwich makings, so I’d had slim pickings.

I did have good meals before I left, though. Thursday at noon Mel and I ate at the Pizza Place, across the street. Enjoyed the plate lunch, which consisted of chicken and dumplings (almost as good as my Mom made), fried green tomatoes (like the Creek in Oxford use to serve), and green beans (almost as good as Jimmie’s),        On Wednesday, I’d eaten Larson’s mac and cheese, pinto beans, and cornbread—doesn’t get much better than that. Returning from Larson’s, I found Robert Montgomery visiting and he’d brought me a couple of sets of twin size sheets that Agnes had found in her yard sale items. Do appreciate her locating these for me. They were excellent sheets and so pretty. All the staff at the nursing home compliment our sheets—most of them provided by Agnes. We do appreciate all her help.


Two exciting events are coming up in the Valley.

The Water Valley Chamber of Commerce Banquet will be held Thursday night. This is always a great outing. Entertainment will again be provided by the Sharecrop-pers, one of my favorite groups. Reports for the year will be heard from the City, County and Chamber, the Braswell Hatcher Award will be presented, and new officers of the Chamber will be introduced. The keynote speaker will be our Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. It’s an honor to have him visit the Valley and share info with us.

Also scheduled for Saturday night is the Water Valley Junior Auxiliary’s Gala,—always a fun event.


If you haven’t gotten your tax return in, you’d better hurry. Wednesday is the final day to file unless you’ve applied for an extension.

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