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Good Advice: Watch Out For Other Drivers

 By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week.  My condolences to the family of “Pug” Bell, who passed away this last week.  Although I hadn’t seen him in several years, we went back a long way.  We were all at Camp Ground starting in grade school, “Pug,” Boots. Charles and Louise.  When we moved back to Water Valley we were nearby neighbors. He was a good man, a successful  businessman and will be greatly missed. 

Changing the subject, we have noticed since moving back to Mississippi the number of teenagers killed in car wrecks. It makes me wonder if the schools are concentrating enough on  driver’s education. Both of my kids went through it as well as my grand-daughter and I‘m convinced it does make a difference. Of course we didn’t have it when I was learning to drive, but most of our parents did a good job teaching us but it certainly would have helped us to have have driver’s education, if for no other reason than to teach us defensive driving.

Mother did her part by constantly reminding me “always watch out for the other fellow.”  Those young lives  lost might have been  our future doctors, lawyers, engineers and maybe even a president. Parental guidance only takes it so far because unfortunately peer pressure is powerful among teens that it pushes them into dangerous situations. We can’t give up and those who survive, in time, usually turn out all right.

The other night  I ran into long time friends, Charlie and Betty Appleton,  and of course Charlie and I started talking about those years when kids spent so much time in the park  because we didn’t have all the entertainment  offered today.  Charlie had a tendency to stay longer than he was supposed to and his mother would come out from their house right across the street and call Charlie three times. Then she would summon him by Charles and he knew he had better go home. 

It so happened that Shine Tyson, who owned the Grand Theater, lived about where the garage of the First Christian Church is today. He had a parrot who talked a lot. After Mrs. Appleton said Charles, the Parrot would take it up and call Charlie three times and then Charles. I forgot to ask Charlie if he knew what became of that parrot because they are supposed to live over 50 years.

During our visit, Betty Appleton asked me if the band would appear at their church on the next fifth Sunday, but we haven’t been appearing  on Sundays. We would be glad to come on a Saturday night if that is acceptable.

I always am hesitant to mention good places to eat as that is Betty Shearer’s specialty, but I hadn’t been out to Dunn’s country store in a long time and Saturday night I picked up two of their famous burgers for Lupe and one to eat at home. I had forgotten how good they are so I’ll try not to  wait so long in the future.

As soon as I walked in Gene came up, he thanked me again for the column in which I featured him last year  This happens quite a lot when I’m out so to all of you I’m grateful. Keep reading, not only REFLECTIONS but the other interesting columns as well and let me hear from you as your suggestions are always appreciated and used whenever possible. My email address is or write me c/o The Herald and have a great week.

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