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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Last Monday night I missed the spring meeting of the Yalobusha Baptist Association. Don’t think Woodland Hills was represented at this meeting and it’s the first time for us not to attend. I forgot to mention it to Ed Hill, our other messenger and our pastor, Bro. Len Jones. Of course we lost our third messenger, Betty Hill, recently and we all do miss her—she has always kept us on schedule.

We got finished at the Herald Monday afternoon in time for me to attend and I tried to think of someone to call and hitch a ride with. Only names to come to mind were Linda and Jim Gholson, but knew they usually had to go early. On Tuesday morning Mary Sue Stevens came by and said she missed me at the meeting and then told me I’d have been welcome to ride with her and Roy Bennett—that they would have even have picked me up. Knew that, but my brain was just not working correctly. Often Mary Sue and I eat together during the fellowship part of these meetings.

She reported that it was an excellent meeting. Later that morning I ran into Jan Ward and she also said they missed me (great to be missed), and that she and Jim would have been glad to have me ride with them. She also said that the meeting was wonderful.

I debated on driving myself, but chickened out. I’ve been to Pine Grove three or more times (always with Ed driving) and it’s just almost in Grenada County. While considering this, I realized that I didn’t have a clue as to how to get to this church—might have been wandering around out on those roads until Jesus returned. So I just stayed home, even though I did not want to. These meetings (held in the spring and in the fall) bring churches from across the county together to hear association reports, meet new pastors and staff,  and to get to know some of the folks from our sister churches. It’s always a lot of fun and you don’t have to be a messenger or church staff member to attend—everyone is cordially invited. We also hear an inspirational message and enjoy some great music. I’ll try to remember and advise you of the date and place for the fall meeting.


We got more of Agnes Montgomery’s delicious fried pies on Wednesday. Robert brought by some peach, cherry and apple pies and they were wonderful. She’s cooked them as desserts for the Presbyter-ian’s Wednesday Night supper. Then on Thursday, Robert brought by more pies—they’d had some leftovers on Wednesday night—weren’t we glad. Presbyterians must not eat as much as Baptist and Methodist—or maybe Agnes just makes lots of pies. Thanks for remembering us, Agnes and Robert, we did enjoy them and I even took one to Mom, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She does like sweets and fried pies are among her favorites.


Usually I sleep pretty good on Thursday (my night to sit with Mom at the nursing home in Batesville). However last week, they buffed the hall floors all  night long. I’m not use to noise, unless a squirrel decides to spend the night in my attic. With the prediction of  storms on Friday night I elected to sit that night also.             Called the sitter and told her she could stay home. I knew that if necessary I could pick Mom up, put her in the wheelchair and get her to a safer place. Her bed is about five feet in front of 16 feet of windows. We finally decided that the best place for her would be in her bathroom. I stayed up until midnight, decided that the predictions had been wrong, so settled down to sleep.                       I was just about to doze off when the first thunderstorm hit. Thunder and lightening were loud and bright and the rain came down in  torrents. This passed, but right on its heels came another storm, just as bad. Thankfully we had no hail or tornadoes.

Report was that we got five inches of water at the nursing home. Woodland Drive (street the NH is located on) caved in. I had to change my route to get to Courtland, venturing out the busy Hwy. 6, and traveling west to Highway 51. Same directions to get home, except I turn east on Eureka Road, then to Pope/WV Road, onto 315 and home.                                           During the middle of the afternoon Saturday I was going to Bill’s and Jimmie’s for a birthday party and everyone assumed that Woodland would have been repaired. Not so. I had to turn around and backtrack and turning around for me is not easy. I was glad I’d gone down in daylight, though, and knew what to do when I exited in the dark. Trying to turn around in the dark, I’d probably have wound up in one of those deep ditches.

I missed the party. Traffic looked very heavy on Highway 6, so I returned to the room and watched more boring TV. Happy birthday to Great Niece Haller Grace Cole, Jimmie’s and Bill’s youngest son, Michael’s oldest daughter.

Went to Mom’s to sleep Saturday night, but got up early to go home and wash—she’d amassed lots of dirty sheets and PJs. I thought  Jimmie and Bill had to return Haller Grace to her Mom on Sunday afternoon, so I brought the wash home with me. Washed a couple of loads before church, then finished after services and returned the clean clothes  Sunday afternoon. Visited with Rance (Sunday’s sitter) for a few minutes and got to talk to Brother Terry of Brandon while I was there. He had a birthday , Tuesday (his 76th). He and Haller Grace share April 28 birthdays.

After leaving the NH I decided to do a bit of shopping. My summer shoes are just about to fall apart‚ Soles are worn out and the uppers aren’t far behind. I’ve worn Birkenstock sandals for over 20 years (same ones)—a navy pair and the other brown. Bought Sketchers—one pair black and the other wheat.  If they last 20 years I probably won’t need to go shopping again. Also picked up a pair of tennis/walking shoes and a pair of cheap sandals. Maybe I won’t have to go barefoot for another couple of years.


Rance and Bo cut my yard Friday. Bo stuck the mower a couple of times and Rance said they’re getting too old to push mowers out of the mud. It did look lots better and I appreciate all their work.


Friday will be May Day—let’s have a May Pole. That always looked like so much fun. Don’t think we’ll have many May flowers—they’ve all bloomed in April.

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