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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Congratulations to the graduates of the Water Valley High School Class of 2015. Woodland Hills did not have a WVHS grad in our membership this year, but we did have Linda Norwood Neeley, who received her BS degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mississippi; Tammy Miller, who graduated from Northwest Mississippi Community College; and Jennifer York Swinkowski, who received a degree in the nursing field from the NWCC Oxford campus. We’re happy for all these graduates.

  Am happy that none of our grads were injured or killed while celebrating following graduation. However, it’s a rare year when some senior in our area, who has just received that high school diploma, does not  loose their life in an accident. This year was no exception. When I turned on the news Saturday morning, the first announcement I heard was that of a death of a graduating senior in a nearby town—can’t remember where. This always is a sad event for me—even if I don’t know them. I’ve always loved young people and want them to grow into adulthood and enjoy a long and productive life.


  Was saddened by the recent death of Mrs. Mable Dorris. For many years she’d brought by her little poodles, often having them in her purse. Was always a joy to get to hold these tiny little puppies and to visit with “Miss Mable.” Sometimes she also had the big dogs in her pickup and I’d go out to see them. I was always amazed that she could care for such tiny little dogs, along with those big ones. However, she seemed to handle it very well. She and her dogs will be missed. Mrs. Dorris lived until exactly three months after her 100th birthday.


            Enjoyed a visit with long-time friend, Betty Evans Gurner  (Mrs. Bruce) Thursday. Some-how James Gordon’s name came up and Bet says, “You do know we’re cousins?” 

            Didn’t have a clue, even though James has been my neighbor for over 50 years and Bet had been my friend for at least that long. Seems her Mom, the late Mrs. Ray Evans, was a sister to the late J.B. Massie (lived on Clay St. and was one of the first people I knew in the Valley) another thing I didn’t know, also had siblings that were Gordons (Bet’s grandfather Massie died and her grandmother married Mr. Gordon). One of these children was James’ father and also one was a father to Wanda Gordon Burns, who had a benefit story in last week’s paper and it’s also included again in this paper, with a correction on the place it’s being held. I think I got all this straight, but Bet was giving me so much info that it could be a little jumbled.


   Mel has to listen to all the things that I dream about doing but have no one to go with me. Jimmie, my traveling partner, and I just can not leave Mom at the same time. Mel said as she was telling her husband, Del, about my situation the other night, he says, “Tell Betty I’ll take her fishing with me.” Well I sent him word that I would like to go with him if he’ll bait my hook, take off the fish (if I catch one), then clean it. Later in the week I was reading my latest New Mexico Magazine.

            Found a camping trip that I think Del and I would really enjoy. You camp in a tent that’s like a five-star hotel, go fishing on a very scenic river, with guides that do everything for you. They provide great food—some cooked over a campfire. There are also many more activities offered. Doesn’t this sound like fun? This is all in 250 miles of Celeste and Jim’s home. The road trips included about five more offerings—all of which sounded very enjoyable. Maybe I’d just better go visit my children and do run outs from their house.


  Memorial Day started out very dreary—actually very wet. When I got out of bed at 6 in was raining so hard that my gutters were gurgling. Now, at abut two in the afternoon, it’s very bright, not quiet sunny, but  no rain. Late afternoon picnics might just be enjoyable.

  Already had my Memorial Day barbecue. Carolyn and Bo stopped me on my way up the hill to Mom’s Saturday night and I was treated to a fabulous holiday meal. Bo says, “I knew you and David had to work Monday, so I cooked early.”                   He and Carolyn had made barbecue ribs and chicken, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, rolls, home-made ice cream and Seven-Up cake. I ate enough to last through the holiday and it was all delicious.

  Mom and I had had a great day Saturday. She and I talked most of the morning, took a little nap, then ate lunch and talked most of the afternoon.  Usually she’ll talk for for a few minutes and then it’s off to her own little world. For many years we could talk for two or three days a week—non stop. Was great to have that long conversation again.


  Hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day weekend, vacationing, or visiting with family and friends. David and I have had a quiet one. We’ve had very few visitors and even very few phone calls while working.


  Have had several calls from our  Oxford subscribers, inquiring about the late delivery of their papers for the past couple of weeks.

  For many years Al Davis, an employee of the Oxford Post Office, has been delivering the Heralds to that office on Wednesday mornings. Al has retired and so the papers now have to go through the regular delivery system.This takes several extra days. Just be thankful that you had Al’s great service for so many years. We do appreciate all his effort in delivering the papers so faithfully through the years.



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