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Art Crawl Is Signature  Fall Event In The Valley

Each season has its signature holidays, traditions and annual events. This fall brings us to the 8th Annual Water Valley Arts Council Art Crawl. Each year this event draws crowds of residents and visitors alike to get out and celebrate the many artists working and living in the Valley. It is the perfect opportunity to support the arts in this town.

Having participated in every crawl, I can attest that it is not an evening to miss. During the first few, I was determined to make all stops on foot! This was an exhausting but fun experience, but I have found that taking a more relaxed pace is also a rewarding experience. Walking through the town is a little like Halloween trick or treat but less scary and just as much fun. You get to visit with all the other crawlers as you trek from place to place and the locations vary from pop up galleries in people’s homes, businesses and even genuine studios.

To begin, you should head to either YaloRun Textiles at 211 Main St. or Bozarts Gallery at 403 on the same street. This is where you can get your map to start your tour. 

Bozarts Gallery will be opening their newest exhibition, Side Show/Art Show featuring circus oriented art from Nicole Gladden, Thomas Grosskopf, Pati D’Amico, Mari Foster, Carol Smith and Jack Gurner. The pieces vary and include paintings and photographs. D’Amico uses an interesting technique of painting on large treated 16 inch pizza pans. When asked about this current work she says “My paintings are reminders of times past when the circus parades would rumble through town enticing town folk to see the “other side of life.”  

Gurner, a local photographer says that “Being able to work in-person with the subjects of my photographs is important to me. I develop a connection with them that allows me to bring out their personalities.” 

This is evident in his striking images of carnies, clowns and other side show members. 

The whimsical characters and costumes of a cirque have always fascinated Mari Foster. With her works she hopes to instill some of the excitement, and sense of magic that a cirque brings. Nicole Gladden’s enchanting works will delight and she says “Circus imitates Life. Rings as a superficial divider for balancing acts of one sort or another, simultaneously occurring, each oblivious to the other’s presence.”

Carol Smith has created some large and colorful art inspired by circuses she attended when she was a child, and Thomas Grosskopf has a knack for capturing the weird, wacky and wonderful.  On the spotlight wall, will be alliance member, Katrina Geenen, whose work will be sparkly, glittery and fabulous collages made to shine! Expect glitter as she attempts to “beautify the world one sparkle at a time.” 

There will be live music at various locations, a disco dance party following the event at Bozarts, refreshments and more. The event is free to the public from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

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