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Betty’s Week

The traffic patterns are so different from week to week. Last Wednesday morning traffic was heavy on Hwy. 315, Main Street and Hwy. 32. The week before there had been very little traffic and I made the paper route in about 30 fewer minutes. The early morning crew at Dunn’s also varies drastically—from two to four one week to overflow the next week. Enjoyed a visit with Gay-lon Booker, Bobby Schmitz, Terry Champion and others and met Sammy Anthony coming in and saw Larry Sprouse  leaving. I always enjoy my trip out to Dunn’s—you do meet the nicest folks there.

  In Water Valley Food and Gas Mart I learned about cottonmouth moccasins and sweet potatoes. Two of Mike Williamson’s helpers were there and they were telling that these snakes really like sweet potatoes. This was news to me. I think I’ll just purchase my sweet potatoes at Larson’s—sure don’t want to go out and pick any up.   At Larson’s the doors were just being opened and all the early breakfast crowd was going in. They all volunteered to carry in my papers. I only had three bundles, but they certainly did a great job getting them inside. Think the crew could have just carried in the whole van,  if it has been necessary. Foreman of the crew was Bill Norris and there were so many others I dare not try to name them all—but thanks fellows.


  After completing the paper route and eating my snack, I went home to dress and attend the funeral service for long time friend, Mary Higdon. We met Mary and Sam shortly after they got to the Valley in the early 1970s. Son Willie later bought our office supply and commercial print shop and we soon shared him as a son with the Higdons. Did love that kid. Then Jessey and Ed began playing together and we loved him, also. When Sam, Jr. came into the school system, he also became a very close friend. Didn’t know the girls as well, but they were also special, as were all the grands we knew. Mary was a kind, sweet woman, but she would also tell you just  how it was and you knew at all times where you stood with her. I appreciated that, because that is also my nature. I only remember one disagreement with her and it was about Willie. Can’t remember what it was and since she’s gone guess it is forgotten—at any rate it never hindered our friendship. Bro. Sam was always in and out of the office in his capacity as Chamber Manager, Radio Station Manager, and as a pastor of Turkey Creek and North Main churches. He also was very involved with the Poke Sallet Festivals and Country Music World. Love all the Higdons and sympathy is extended to all the family—will miss her.


  Mom is fine, except for another mild UTI.  She started on antibiotics Thursday night and should be cured soon. The ownership of the Batesville nursing home where she is changed hands October 1, so the mood was very somber—everyone walking on egg shells, not knowing what was coming next. The major comment was “I hope things get better.” We did have a working ice machine—much needed—since it had been out for over a week. We also have a shortage of lifts and the CNAs have to stand in line for them. Know this is not good for them because the patients blame them and not management. 


  Jimmie called me Friday afternoon to tell me that the 41st Ryder Cup was being played. I do enjoy watching golf, so Mom was resting and I turned on the TV. Saw most of Friday afternoon’s action. Then went back to golf watching when it started Saturday morning. Got to see lots of it, interspersed with feeding, doing chores, and running errands for Mom—all these take up lots of time. After church on Sunday, though, I got to just sit and watch the conclusion of play and it was very exciting.

  This tournament was the best golf I’ve ever watched and I’ve been an avid viewer for probably 30 years. 

  In matched play Sunday, the lead team was Patrick Reed for the U.S. and Rory McIlroy for the European team. They were very equally matched and one would take a shot lead, then the other would come back to bring it to all square, then the opposing team would take the lead. This happened through all 18 holes. I was happy to see Reed up one on the 18th hole and McElroy failed make his hole, giving the U.S. a full point. My favorite U.S. golfer, Phil Mickelson, was paired with Sergio Garcia for the European team. Both of these golfer played impressive games and at the end of 18 holes were all-square, giving each team a half-point. The U.S. took back the cup, first time in three years. The final point to go on the board, giving the U.S. the victory, was by the final choice of Team Captain Davis Love, III., and I can’t remember his name. He was a happy young player, though. At the win there were still several matches  out and all of them, I think, were being led by the U.S., so it’s possible that we could have won by several points. Zack Johnson, one of my favorites, was in the final pairing and he had a several stroke lead. Also Dustin Johnson was still on the course and he was also leading. However as close as those matches were, anything could happen. I had to turn off the TV and to go to church, but to wasn’t so hard to leave though, since I knew the U.S. had won.


   The Blue Devils lost to long time rivals, Charleston Tigers, 51-6. This week they’ll meet Independence on the road. We all know the way to that field, so get out and support the home team.

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