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Crawl Stroll Left Lasting Impressions

I hear the spin. You know, the things folks say, usually it is their first and maybe strongest impressions, right after the event. The funny thing is that first impression, while perhaps not the only lasting remembrance, is the one they’ll consistently repeat to other people.

My niece, Alexis Keller, was visiting from New Orleans for the crawl. Her first impression was the food spread at the Caulfield house was “amazing.” Alexis is not easily impressed. 

Suzanne Smith, president of Mississippi Main Street drove over from Tupelo, and hit every venue on Main Street. She said she had a “wonderful time.” Folks in general commented on the attitude and atmosphere of the crawl, being fun and laid back at the same time

Here are the other things that I heard several times. Catherine and Jon McLeod’s studio house on Pate Street was eclectic and cute. Bill Warren and Pati D’Amico’s house was psychedelic electric. People were enthralled by Adrienne Brown-David’s drawings. The Blue Devil statue by John Steele Davis just dropped jaws. I did not hear a single negative comment.

Here’s the deal on the crawl, it is the one time in a year where it is about the artists who live here. Sure Bozarts Gallery, Yalo Studio, and Yalo-Run Textiles are the art creative businesses on Main Street and they put on shows through out the year. But the crawl is really about the neighborhoods right off Main Street and the people who live there. That’s what makes this art event very different from gallery openings. 

This year all the venues were on the streets on the west side of Main Street. That’s not always been the case; with past crawl stops being on Blount, Simmons, Calhoun and Railroad. The crawl has been spread around, but always walkable. I think that’s what folks like best, the easy stroll from place to place.

With eight crawls done, the Water Valley Arts Council has proved it can make a real impact in promoting the creative life here. If you see a WVAC or Water Valley Main Street member, tell them thanks for their effort, it benefits us all.

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