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Betty’s Week

Was summoned to the back table at Dunn’s last Wednesday morning by a member of the group whose name I did not know. 

He said, “You don’t know my name” and I didn’t but I told him I knew how to find out who he was. To which he replied that I was just like his wife and knew how to investigate. Told him that was my business because I’d been in the newspaper game for a long time. Well his question, and he prefaced it with  “we know how old you are because you’ve told us”, was, “At you age why do you continue to deliver these papers each week with a smile on your face?”  

Right back at him came, “Because I enjoy doing it!” and I do. He says, “That a good enough answer for me” Do enjoy visiting with these gentlemen each week. Told Bobby Schmitz that he’d made the “Looking Back Column” again. Bobby was co-captain, along with Charles Larson, of the 1956-57 football team. He was also the quarterback and apparently was very good at his job, because often he is credited with being very valuable in winning many of the games that year. 

Of course, I didn’t know Bobby in his playing days, but I do remember  him  in his officiating days and he was also very good at that job. Also at the table was Gaylon Booker and he warned me to make sure that if David ever took his picture he was made to look as young as several others, in this age bracket, who have made the paper recently. I think all these men, including Gaylon, still look very good for their age.


  Had a good party in the Herald office Thursday afternoon. We were honored by being selected as the fist recipients of the Chamber’s Business Spotlight Award. Presen-ting it were Linda White, Linda Maynor, Toni Hill, and Tyler Hill and that is an entertaining group. Pictures were made by long-time Herald photographer, Jack Gurner, who just happened by and volunteered to do the job. He and Linda Maynor are classmates and they are helping plan a class reunion next year—their 50th. 

I remember when these two graduated and it seems like only a few years ago. Jack actually worked for us several of his high school years and Linda, in her capacity as publicity chair for several of the school organizations, was often in the office. They’re just kids—can’t have been out of school for 50 years. I had to leave before this lively session ended. Looked at my watch and it read 3 p.m., so it was jump in the van and drive fast to let my sitter off at 4 p.m.—couldn’t be late as she was attending an affair  in the Memphis area.


  Going over to Batesville, I saw the smallest deer I’ve ever seen and it did not have spots. I had just turned onto Eureka Road (good thing because I’d been speeding most of the way and it would have broken my heart to have killed this little animal)  and he was going from one yard to another on the opposite side. It looked like a brown dog, no larger than a big beagle, which I thought it was. 

No one was behind me so I slowed down and finally stopped when I realized it was a tiny deer. I watched until it trotted off into the woods and never saw a doe. Think the little thing’s mother had either died or been killed and it was malnourished. 

  As I entered the nursing home room in Batesville, my sitter was off, and Mom and I had a good visit before Jimmie stopped by for a minute after work. Her visit was very short, because number two grandson, Ian, was playing football at North Delta. A freshman, he is a member of the junior high team, and the freshmen were being honored as they will be varsity team members next year.

  On Friday night North Delta’s Varsity Team was playing Marshall Academy, also on the home field, but Jimmie and Bill didn’t attend. Jimmie has a terrible respiratory infection and with the cool temp, following the rain all day, she was afraid to get out. I sleep at the  Cole home on Friday nights and arrived in time to hear most of the game. The score was 9-7, favor of ND when I arrived. This score went back and forth throughout the game—it was a cliff-hanger. In the final four seconds of the game, with the score 17-23, ND’s quarterback threw a long pass, which was caught in the end zone by number one grandson, Harris, to tie the game. ND also has a super kicker and he put the PAT though the goal post for the win. Now that is probably the  most exciting game that will be played this season—junior high through national leagues. Also the commentary for ND is so entertaining. Wish we had taped it. One of the comments by the Church of Christ Minister and his side-kick was “Have they read the rule book?” to which the other answered, “Have they even seen a rule book?”  These two kept this chatter up throughout the game. Funny thing was that ND only had seven penalties, I think, throughout the game, and the other team’s penalties were also very few, but their announcers got upset with each call.

  I’m not an avid football fan, but I could  not leave this one to get into the shower and bed at the proper time.  My congratulations to Harris, his team mates and coaches.


  On the Kitchen Show Saturday morning, they had another Mississippian on as the guest chef. Her name was Chapman and she was from northeast Mississippi. The show featured easy evening meals and her segment was using the slow cooker. First dish was Mississippi pot roast, and to a beef brisket she added most everything in the pantry and spice cabinet, then cooked it on slow and low for eight hours. 

Next dish was golden mushroom chicken pasta. To two pounds of raw chicken she added two cans of golden mushroom soup, a pan of sauteed mushrooms, and lots of other stuff, then cooked it slow and low for six to eight hours and served it over egg noodles. Both dishes looked delicious. Thought it was a feather in Mississippi’s cap that two guests chefs in a row were chosen from our state. The recipes can be found on The Kitchen’s  web site.

  On Home and Family, one of the guests was Tim Masterson. The name sounded familiar, but it took me a while to place it. This very mature man played the best friend of the Beaver on the old “Leave it to  Beaver” show many years ago. He is the actor who will play President Ronald Reagan in an upcoming Hallmark movie. He looked a lot like the president, even before he was made up and dressed for the part, but the likeness was uncanny when he was put into character. When asked about the remarkable look alike, he says, “Yes, I did have a good wig didn’t I?”


  The report was that Water Valley’s Band did very good at a Marching Festival last weekend. Congratulations to Band Director Bo Boutwell, the drum major, auxiliary unit, drum line, and the entire band.

  Unfortunately, the football team did not fare as well in their match with North Panola. The Blue Devils will play Holly Springs on Bobby Clark Field Friday night. Come out and support them.

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