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Betty’s Week

A friend brought by a copy of Vicksburg Living a few weeks ago, which contains a feature story about Vicksburg Artist Jean Blue. She is a niece of the late Wilbur Todd, who for many years lived in Water Valley. Blue works with many different mediums and several of her art pieces were shown in the article. She grew up in Oxford and took private lessons from a professor there, beginning while still in junior high school. She is a graduate of Mississippi University for Women, with a bachelor’s degree in fine art. Most of her works are sold in the Attic Gallery in Vicksburg, where she works.

  We appreciate this article being shared. Mr. Todd and his wife were dear friends, as were his sister, the late Charlotte Parker, and her husband, Paul. 


  Finally had some heat in the bathroom Sunday morning. Decided that it was necessary to keep from having goosebumps when I stepped out of the shower. 

  The drastic change came Thursday night. Going over to Moms Thursday afternoon, I had the air conditioner on full force—temp read 92 degrees, and with that strong west sun it was hot in the van. Mom’s nursing home room in Batesville was stifling, with the sun coming through all that glass. I turned up the AC there, also. Next time I was outside was about 8:30 Friday night, and with the strong north wind my short sleeves and sandals were not adequate clothing. 

Got to the Cole house and found they had plenty of heat, so my shower there was nice. Didn’t even need a blanket for comfortable sleeping. However, when I stepped outside about five Saturday morning my jacket felt good. Didn’t take me long to change to the heat setting either. However, by the time I came home Saturday night, the temperature was comfortable again even wearing short sleeves. The temperature went down  sometime during the night, though, because  it was again cold on Sunday morning. I wore a long sleeved, lined suit to church and the word must have gotten out that it was gong to be cold, so the church was really warm—needed my short sleeves.

  My den TV has quit playing on the low channels, so I have no weather reports unless I run upstairs to the TV there. Joey Hastings was just in the office and I gave him an order for a new set for the den. Want to be able to see if I need short sleeves, a coat or a raincoat. While I make my piece of toast, I can see the den TV from the kitchen. Told David that we don’t need internet to shop in the Valley, we just let our merchants walk in the door and do our ordering and they deliver. We do live in a wonderful town, with so many people willing to fill our every need, or even most of our wishes. Joey will deliver the set, install it, bring me a bill, and then if I ever have a problem, he will repair it—can’t beat that.


  South Panola had their homecoming game Friday night and I was told that most of Panola County was in the football stadium. Wasn’t good news for me, because I thought I would be traveling to the Cole home with very little traffic. Wrong—had bumper to bumper traffic on Highway 51, and then a lot of traffic even on Pope/Crowder Road. Didn’t see any deer though—guess they had a working TV and got their eating done before the north wind and cold temps came in. 

Still did not see a single deer coming back to the nursing home Saturday morning and still none even on the way home Saturday night. Did have one problem, though, and still have not gotten the van to a mechanic. About half way to Batesville Saturday morning my interior lights came on, stayed on a few minutes, then went off. Going home Saturday night, right before I got to Prophet’s Bridge, those lights came on again and did not go off. I  had cars behind me and coming toward me—it’s hard to see with interior lights on. Has not happened again and I just thought about my problem when I began writing this column. 


  David and I are running a two-man shop this week—brings back memories of a two-man shop 14 years ago. Ed and I ran like that for many years before his death, and by working day and night we got out a paper each week. However, I can not do as  much of the work as I could then—I have not kept up with the computers. David may have to have an extension on hours in each day.

  Reason for our being short staffed is that Mel had surgery Monday morning.  She will probably be out for a while, but David knows what to do and he’ll get it done. I promise to do as much as my knowledge allows.


  Got to the Cole home in time to hear another great football game. North Delta was playing Fayette Academy in Summerville Tenn., so Jimmie and Bill did not attend. The score was very close when I got there and remained so until the fourth quarter, when Fayette put lots of points on the board, binging the score to 20-38, with five-plus minutes in the game. I got off my stool and started toward the shower, when the QB threw a bomb, Harris Cole caught it and ran for the TD—72 yards from the combined pass and run. Extra point was good. Then ND executed an on-side kick, and made another TD, with the extra point good, bringing the score to 35-38. With the ball on ND’s 15 yard line, Fayette intercepted a pass and thus won the game. ND was playing 5’9” and 5’10” players against a 6’5”, two 6’2”, and a 6’1”, all with much more weight, so that loss was still a great game.


  Top of our praise list during prayer time Sunday morning was that the Blue Devils had won their second game of the season, defeating Holly Springs Friday night. We do congratulate this young team, and wish for them another win as they wind up regular season play on Friday night when they host M.S. Palmer. Everyone come out and support our Blue Devils.!

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