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After last week’s column, wherein I forgot to write my column and remembered while taking a lady’s catfish order at Ajax in Oxford, I not only woke up to the word “column” written on the back of my hand this morning, but also to the sound of an audible alert text reminder. I had also placed my computer and a stack of letters on the sofa where I sit to drink my coffee each morning so, lo and behold, here I am. Writing my column! 

I remembered!

It’s a Wagner Letter week but first I would like to thank a very kind and thoughtful neighbor who, after reading my column last week, left me a box on my doorstep. In it was a bag of home ground coffee, a sweet note, a lovely pink flower and a sack of powdered doughnuts for my boys. She gets me. It was such a kind gesture and the doughnuts were gone in puff of powder in under 60 seconds.

The letters this week are a grab bag. I just picked short ones that referenced things that are somehow mysterious or had unusual wording. What are these people talking about? I really don’t know. You tell me. Also, poor Luna.

Mr. Wagner,

Aunt Julie and I feel very grateful for your thoughtfulness but I hope you will come earlier than 9:30 if you have not passed through this “chemical.”

I have not kept any accounts of the treatments. I was only too glad to do all I could for you.

I assure you your constant kindness will be always appreciated by your friend, 

Annie Quinche

I have a “journal” which I think will clear this mist called “chemicalization.”

Sunday night

John, I guess you will be surprised when you get this note, but Mr. Curtis gave me a message for you and I have not had an opportunity to deliver it, as you know. He said Mr. Craig would go up on this train and if he is BY HIMSELF to make yourself known. But if not alone then DO NOT. He would not explain but said you would understand.

Hoping you and Gallatin much happiness and success.

I am your friend, 

Willie Hord


Luna is here. Can’t you “seraph” up someone to see her? I do not want her to to feel slighted.

Your friend,

M. Mauldin

Dear Sister,

I made next to the highest mark for the first term. I have been perfect in every study all week except Deportment, in which I got 1 off yesterday. All my marks were as follows:

Arithmetic Written, 98. Arithmetic Mental, 98. English Grammar, 98. Political Geography, 99. History United States, 99. Spelling Oral, 96. Deportment, 97. 

Dudley had his hair cut the other day and he said when the barber cut his hair he put some vinegar on his hair.

Here are some letters Dudley made himself.


He can’t make them good.

[letter unsigned]

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