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October 31st is my favorite day of the year in this town. Despite the predicted high temperature today being 85 degrees, another Halloween in Water Valley has come and gone. And even though it was weirdly hot and on a Monday, Water Valley still showed up in droves on Panola and Dupuy Street. 

It always looks like Halloween from the movies here; the streets packed with little ghosts and goblins, running all which-a-way. Actually, there’s not so many ghosts and goblins. There’s a lot of action figures and princess-like characters. Even the scary costumes were from movies, like the Scream mask. 

There were a lot of those and my youngest son had this strange propensity to be able to tell who was under the mask, despite all the Scream people looking identical. I’m wondering if he secretly has X-ray vision. 

My favorite costume of the night, and the scariest, was worn by a girl who jumped out of the back of a pick up truck and ran up to our door. She was wearing a red printed dress that looked like it might have belonged to a grandmaw. She had a matching red printed scarf wrapped around hear head, like a loose hood. She had taken red face paint and painted her face red. She was wearing brown sandals with white socks. This costume was clearly homemade and clearly her own vision and was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. There will be nightmares.

The movies really seem to dictate our Halloween costume choices. And I wish we all made up our own costumes like Creepy Red Granny Girl instead of relying on the easy ace of pop culture recognition. But I can’t criticize because that’s exactly what I do every year. This year I was Garth from Wayne’s World. We look alike from the neck up anyway so it was an easy transition for me. I waited tables in costume and while all my tables recognized my costume immediately, I did have one table of much older women who I can bet money have never seen Wayne’s World. 

They just seemed fairly confused as to why their waitress at a fine dining was dressed like a sloppy man in holey jeans and a flannel. It was awkward describing our lunch specials in Italian while dressed like Garth to people who didn’t recognize Garth. I felt that maybe they were thinking I might have wandered in off the street and just started talking to them about food.

People in Oxford have been asking about Hallo-ween in Water Valley. They have even heard our Halloween is good! They’re so curious about us over there in Oxford. So, Water Vallians, if you have a business idea or want to buy a house then do it now. Some Oxford person is going to come in an do it if you don’t. Which is great! I welcome Oxford people. I was one, 14 years ago. All I’m saying is that if you have some idea rolling around in your head about doing something new, then the time is now.

Lastly, and totally unrelated to Halloween, I have a Crime Report Update! Further incriminating evidence has been recovered at the crime scene in the case of the missing coasters. This is in reference to the handmade, hand-embroidered coasters that “went missing” from my store’s window display during the middle of Art Crawl earlier this month. 

In review, our two suspects were my good friend Joe York of Panola Street who was watching my store for me at the time or a theoretical mouse, who might have possibly carried the coasters away during Art Crawl. I now have circumstantial evidence that leads me to believe this mouse is no longer theoretical. 

Mainly because I saw him run across the store’s floor the other day. Now this does not mean the mouse is guilty! It just means that he exists….and probably took the coasters. And this now moves Joe from the suspect list to merely a person-of-interest. I’ll keep you updated on any further developments. In the mean time. I’d like to thank the Old Man Table at the BTC for sending me those three replacement doilies for my window display. They look great and are apparently not the mouse’s style as they are still there.

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