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Betty’s Week

On Tuesday of last week, long-time friend Ernie Aune, who now resides in Brookdale at Oxford, and his oldest son, David, of Saratoga, Calif. came by for a visit. They had a clipping from the Oxford Eagle and pictures of Ernie taking a ride in a 1940 Boeing Stearman biplane, which had been rebuilt in Cleveland, Mississippi in 1946. It is owned by Bill Fisher, and flown by his son, Darryl. The rides are provided by Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation to World War II Veterans and seniors. The foundation is a non-profit organization established and dedicated to honoring seniors and United States military veterans. 

  I was so happy to learn that Ernie was chosen for this exciting flight. I have enjoyed hearing many of his military stories, stories about how he came to be an employee of Mechanics Bank, and then events in the lives of his sons. Have enjoyed keeping up with David, Eddie, Kelley, and youngest Kris, who was a classmate of Jim’s All of these young men have excelled in their chosen occupations.. 

  It was only fitting that David should be the son with Ernie during this flight. If I remember correctly Ernie’s wife, the late Ernestine Aune, went with him during his tour of duty in Alaska. She was a teacher, but due to the influx of wives, she failed to find a teaching position so they decided to start their family—thus David was born. I loved that story—no need to waste time, just have a baby. 

  When I read that the airplane Ernie flew in was restored in Cleveland it brought back lots of memories for me. Airplane restoration was still being done at the airport in Cleveland when Jim was a student at Delta State in the 1980s and we spent many hours at this air field. One of the planes restored during these years was a Boeing Stearman biplane. Delta Brass’ PR picture was made hanging onto this plane. Years later we saw this plane in Genesco, New York, when Jim was a student at Eastman. It was then owned by the Austin family, who had a World War II Museum there.

  A picture and story of Ernie’s flight can be found elsewhere in this edition of the paper.


  Got a call from Jim this morning, telling me that he demanded an apology and a correction. Was stunned because I couldn’t think of anything I’d done that would cause that reaction. Of course, he was kidding. In my remark about the picture of him and Glenn Kitchens in last week’s paper, I’d said he was about 75  pounds over his weight when the picture was made and had also lost a lot of hair. He says,” I’ll admit to the loss of hair being the truth, but I’ve never weighed 270 pounds in my life.” Well, I’d remembered his weight as about 150 pounds when he went to DSU and forgot this picture was made late in his junior year there, when he’d gotten up to 195 pounds. His weight now is around 230 and his high weight was around 250. I apologize—just didn’t realize you got fat so young.

  Had to give him the sad news that a couple of friends had died.

  James Gordon, Jr., my long-time neighbor, lost his battle with cancer. James, John and Jim often played at James Sr.’s shop while James and Lou worked on one of our vehicles. Lou and James and the boys were great friends and neighbors for so many years. James, Sr. is still there and John is only a little further down 315 and we still see each other pretty often. Sympathy is extended to James, John and James, Jr.’s family. 

  We also lost Joe Alan Wright, who was a year older than Jim. When our children are no longer around we lose touch with them. First question from Jim was, “Where was Joe Alan?”  Told him that he was in Tuscaloosa, Ala., was married and had children. He was also a top notch chemist. Jim said, “He always was so smart.”  

Time does pass so fast and it’s a shame we don’t keep up with these children we’ve loved. Patsy and Joe Ross were in this morning. Through the years I’ve occasionally had short visits with Joe Ross, but it had been a long time since I’d seen Patsy. Our sympathy is extended to all of the Wright family. Another connection we had with Joe Alan was his great-aunt, Faye Ross, worked for us for many years and Jim  also enjoyed going to Wright’s Grocery—there was something there that he really liked.


  Last week I caught another lizard on a glue board. It was a tiny little chameleon. It died on the board, but I have just not had time to take it out. Glad I didn’t. That thing turns green in the daytime and back to brown at night and this has been going on for several days. 


  Got to Mom’s room at the nursing home in Batesville right on time Thursday afternoon and fed her supper. Sister Jimmie came by after work and I remarked that when Mom went to sleep I was going across the street to KFC to get a pot pie because I was about to starve. Apparently she didn’t want to lose me so in a few minutes she was back with food. Those things are huge, but I ate it all. Told her when I got to her house Friday night for my shower and bed, that It was the best pot pie I’d ever eaten. 

She says, “You really were hungry.”  Also ate the chocolate chip cookie and drank about a quart of tea.

  The Bridge Club had gathered, or about half of them had. It was good to visit those able to come and get to play five hands. My scoring has not improved because I still got hands with two to eight points. Did bid on the eight points, but lost. Jimmie and I were playing as partners, but she didn’t get to yell at me because her hands were worse than mine. In five hands we did not make a single point. I just enjoy the fellowship—don’t care if I win or lose.

  Caroline was taking care of her Pap Paw Bill. She had him take her to get cup cakes and iced pops. He tried to get her to go downstairs to the Bridge Party, but she exclaimed, “There’s only old women down there.” 

Guess Bridge Club members don’t have to look in the mirror anymore—Caroline tells it like it is.


  Did not see a single yard that had been rolled during Halloween week and have not seen any Christmas decorations up yet. Think this warm weather had thrown everyone’s schedules off. I haven’t been to Carolyn and Bo’s house lately, but am sure he has started putting up his decorations because the Polar Express runs will begin soon and it takes him a couple of weeks to get all decorated.

  We just skip right over Thanksgiving. I’m not going to miss it  though, because I plan to make some dressing and sweet potatoes. Missed one Thanksgiving dinner 50 years ago (Bill and Jimmie’s wedding day) and it was on November 24th. They will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary November 24—Thanksgiving Day. I’m sure that doesn’t happen often.

  She also had a birthday last Saturday, the 5th—won’t tell her age but she’s seven years younger than me. Didn’t even bake her a cake.


  Hope everyone enjoyed that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning. I did and I’m not complaining about the dark in the evening. However, many that I heard say they liked the extra sleep are now complaining that they are going home in the dark. Heard one cute remark after church Sunday night, “We’d better hurry home so we can get into bed and to sleep before we have to get up.”


  Football season is over so I have no closing remarks.

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