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Betty’s Week

 I got up real early Wednesday morning to hear the results of the presidential election. I got a surprise. The last time I’d heard the news was the Saturday before election day and the newscasters had Mrs. Clinton elected, and I was sure she would be. I listened to a little of the coverage and then had to deliver the Heralds to the stores.

  After I returned to the office, I heard most of what had been reported on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning from folks who came into the office—heard both sides of the contest. I was not for either candidate and stated that fact when I voted, proclaiming that we were in terrible shape in this country because I thought I’d make a better president than either of those on the ballot. I voted for the candidate that the Lord had directed me to and I’d prayed a long time about this decision. 

Was happy to hear a gentleman exiting the voting box, who stated, “I went in to vote for Mrs. Clinton, but I voted for Mr. Trump because God told me to.” I was so happy to learn that other people had listened to God and that is the reason I believe Trump won. I now am praying that he listened to God as he makes decisions in governing us.


  There was a full table out at Dunn’s Wednesday morning. Everyone must have gotten up early to discuss the election. Some I think were also going fishing—saw a few boats hung behind the trucks. I was running late so didn’t have time to visit.


  Was so good to visit with Dr. Ben Wright and his middle son, James. James was a student of Ed’s when he was in elementary and junior high school. He was an excellent trumpet player, probably the best I’ve ever heard and I’d listened to some good students – Michael Crow; Brandon Lewis, the youngest son of Karen and Ken Lewis; and several more. 

As we talked, he said he remembered Ed and me and our days at the Herald.My favorite memory of James and Ed together was in his early years with us when Ed split a note and James grinned and said, “You blew it Mr. Ed.” 

That was a favorite moment in Ed’s life also—he was always happy when students got better than him. He turned James over to the late Ernest (Kirk) Kirkpatrick and James was a four year member of the Mississippi All-State Lions Band. The youngest member of the Wright boys, Ben, also plays trumpet and Dr. Ben says that James will play with him. The oldest son, played trombone and was also Ed’s student. He was a delightful young man but I don’t think he was as dedicated to music as James and Ben.


  Robert Montgomery came by Wednesday afternoon and stated that Agnes was making soup and banana pudding and that if there was any left he would share so I’d have food over the weekend. He was tired of hearing me complain about starving in the nursing home when I sit with mom on weekends. Well he shared very generously and it was so good. I had soup Thursday night and Saturday for lunch and banana pudding for dessert a couple of times and shared some of it with Mom. 

We really enjoyed it and thank Agnes for cooking and Robert for delivering it. Friends sure do make life so great.


  Finally got to an appointment with Dr. Barry Weeks. Had cancelled my regular check-up when Celeste and Jim came to visit in May and just had not found time to re-schedule. Don’t do that because it might cost you like it did me. I have a cavity and now have to find time to get it fixed. Did enjoy my visit though. Everyone there is so nice and if you have to go to the dentist, it’s wonderful to have folks you like taking care of you. Dr. Lee Pullen and his staff are also great folks—it’s so good to have two excellent dental offices in the Valley—I can remember a time when we did not have any.


  Betty Davis and Becky Crow called Wednesday morning and invited me to join them for lunch at B.T.C. Told them I’d have to take a raincheck because I really needed to see Dr. Barry. A few minutes they called back and ask, “Can you make it Thursday?” I could and I did and we had a wonderful visit and some delicious food. On the lunch plate was fried broccoli and I really liked it. Wondered why my Mom (who always fried everything) didn’t  think of this dish. The pork chops, with onion gravy, the scalloped potatoes, and of course one of my favorites, cornbread, were all delicious.


  Our routine at the nursing home in Batesville was disrupted (to say the least) over the weekend. All residents were fed in their rooms for several days as the dining hall was being used for a computer lab—they were changing all drug schedules from the former owner’s files to the new owner’s files. Now Mom eats in her room, so that did not bother us much (just couldn’t find that second cup of coffee), but I felt for those who are not room bound. They enjoy the fellowship at meal times and those rooms are so small. Then on Friday, they took all wheelchairs and washed them. Mom’s was taken about 10 a.m., brought back around 1 p.m. and was still not dry at bed time. I finally got her out of bed and put her in the big recliner. She liked it. I sat on her bed to watch TV and got a back ache. Now I know why she complains of back and neck aches. Do think we’re going to fold up the wheelchair, except when its needed, and put another comfortable chair in its place. All the staff members, who cared for Mom on Friday and Saturday, said they don’t mind getting her up from the big chair—it is a bit harder. With good food and a comfy chair she did really good during my sitting hours.

  However, the residents who are mobile via wheelchairs suffered. They could not get onto the porch in that beautiful sunshine on Friday. 

  The handicap of having to feed everyone in their rooms also took about an hour longer, so we got food later than usual. This, also, didn’t bother Mom—she’ll eat when it comes her way, but I heard a lot of complaining from those who want to eat at the right time.


  I have so enjoyed the “super moon.” Coming home Saturday night it was just about like being in sunlight. The moon bounced Eureka Road all the way to the Pope/Water Valley Road and then mostly stayed with the highway. Did the same on 315. When I got home I had to stay outside and just look at it for a while before going inside. Was glad it was very visible Sunday night. The parking  lot at Woodland Hills is open and I park facing east, so when I got into the van I just had to sit and enjoy this beautiful sight for a few minutes. If Ed were still living, he’d have said, “You want to go park?” This meant go to either Chickasaw Hills or the swimming area on Enid, sit on a picnic table and watch the moon on the water—If you’ve never done this, try it, because it is a beautiful sight. I almost talked myself into going on this outing alone. Don’t think it would have been the same, though.

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