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Look Back at Yalobusha History

Temps Dipped To 16 Degrees In 1986 Bowl Game

10 Years—November 17, 2006 – The Lady Devils were one of six 3A squads left vying for the state championship last year. The girls appear to have picked up where they left off , having already defeated the Charleston Lady Tigers.

  The Junior Auxiliary surprised Betty Shearer at the annual Gala when they presented her the Community Inspiration Award to her and her late husband, Ed Shearer, III.

  A ribbon cutting was held for Cotton Candy Kids Learning Center, owned by Audrey King. Present for this event were many Water Valley Ambassadors, Mayor Bill Norris, family members, and friends.

  Members of the Water Valley Community Band were practicing, getting ready for their Christmas concert.

  The Water Valley High School Cheerleaders were preparing to participate in the Regionals, where they are the defending champions.

20 Years—November 21, 1996 – A pile of rubble is all that remains of the former Water Valley Coca-Cola Bottling Company building that stood on the corner of Main and Martin Streets for many years.

  Steele Manufacturing Company’s Manager, Roland Duke, and employees, Carolyn Cummings and Kim Adams, were pictured with a t-shirt, being presented to all company employees, which had the message, “100 percent American USA Apparel, American Made by Proud Employees  of Steele Manufacturing”. 

  The Blue Devils defeated the Ripley Tigers in the first game of the play-offs, playing on Bobby Clark Field.

  Yoshia Hence was named to Who’s Who in Junior College students. Hence is a student at the Marion Military Institute at Marion, Ala.

  Airman Kathleen Nicholas graduated from  an apprentice course at Keesler AFB, Biloxi.

30 Years—November 20, 1986 – The Blue Devils defeated the Nettleton Tigers in the Sweet Potato Bowl game at Vardaman, 21-6. This game was played on one of the coldest nights in the history of Water Valley football, with the temperature about 16 degrees, and a wind chill of near zero. Named the most valuable offensive player in the game was John Ingram, and the mot valuable defensive player title went to Marvin Holmes.

  Sgt. Kevin Surrette of the Water Valley National Guard Unit welcomed new enlistees Pvt. Larry Stokes, PFC Fredrick Franklin, and Pvt. David Daniels. Three prior service enlistees in Battery C, First Battalion, 114th Field Artillery in Water Valley are Sgt. Anthony Hernandez, Sp-4 Jeffrey Tubbs, and Sgt. Larry Neal.

  Airman John Hill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Hill of Tillatoba, has completed basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

40 Years—November 18, 1976 – Terry Anderson, son of Bro. and Mrs. Ferman Anderson, has been named All-Conference linebacker in the Tri-Lake Conference and is now eligible for nomination to the State All-Star Squad.

  Mrs. J. G. Carpenter, Yalobusha County Fund Campaign Chairman, and her daughter, Mim Carpenter, attended the District Fund Heart Fund “Kick Off” meeting in Oxford.

  Fifteen World War I Battery A Veterans attended a reunion held in Water Valley on Veterans Day November 11. This was most of the survivors of this group.

  Sixth grade students of the Water Valley School System dressed as the main character of a book they had read as they gave their book reports. Pictured were Maury Banks, Anita Ragon, Lisa Odom, Linda Doollin, Aretha Gaston, Larry Kimzey, Kevin Reese, Roy Pigue, Douglas Carter, Mike Brown, Marc Bryan, Stearling Massey, Clifton Moore, Christopher Turner, Dean Cummings, Mitchell Whiteside, Barry Schmitz, Christy Mayo, Chris  Ostrander, Anne Hemphill, Walter Shuffield, Patricia Keith, Joe Clark, Marjorie Ford, Robert Cook, Mike Todd and Bobby McKee.

  Mike Riley, son of Mrs. Bob Riley and the late Mr. Riley, was named “Safe Driver of the Month” for October by the Junior Auxiliary, as they promoted safe driving as one of their fields of service.

50 Years—November 17, 1966 – Mrs. Sidney Wilson, a nurse at Yalobusha General Hospital, attended the North Mississippi District’s annual meeting in Jackson. Mrs. Wilson has served three terms as District Three’s president and one year on the state nominating committee.

  Oscar Parsons, Jr. was emcee at the annual Blue Devil Football Banquet. Guest speaker for the evening was Tad Smith, Ole Miss’ Athlete Director. Clinton Mooney and Tommy Hudson were presented the “Scholarship” Trophy by American Legion Representative Warren Ray at the football banquet. Clinton was also named “Best Blocker” and Hudson was selected “Most Valuable Player” and permanent captain of the team.

  When the Herald photographer arrived on the scene, shortly after a top heavy log truck had turned over, Highway Patrolman Bill Houpt was investigating the accident. The unidentified driver was reported to have been slightly injured.

  Central Construction Company has been awarded the contract for construction of the Ram Tool Plant.

  Yalobusha Country Club is taking bids for the construction of a clubhouse, swimming pool, and golf course.

60 Years—November 22, 1956 – “I am four years old and I caught a fish,” proudly announced Nancy Brooks Tyler in a cut line caption under a picture of her and her fish. Nancy is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James “Crip” Tyler, and she caught the fish at Enid Lake.

  A front page  picture of John G. Brower with a six-point buck he had killed stated that his deer hunting ended quickly. The deer, killed in the Abbeville area, weighed 198-1/2 pounds.

  Many impressive guests attended the Yalobusha County Sportsmen Club’s Brunswick Stew Supper. Club president Red Cotton, and game wardens Frank  Hyde and C. P. Tillman, introduced M. M. Bedenbaugh, public director of the State Game and Fish Commission; Rex McRaney, executive director of the Commission; Elkin Jack, chairman of the Commission; U.S. Cong. Jamie Whitten; Aubrey Seay, commissioner, and Charlie Turner of the Commercial Appeal.

  Listed in the Yalobusha Service Column were Sp3 David Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Jones of Water Valley, and Sgt. Ben Hunt and William Paris, both of Oakland.

70–Years—November 21, 1946 – The Kraft Cheese Plant officials were optimistic about the future of dairying in the area.

  The Houston Hilltoppers defeated the Blue Devils, 25-14, playing on the local field. Water Valley players mention in the story were Samuels and Vanderberg.

  An  election was being held to see if citizens of the city are willing to spend an additional $10,000 on the Rice-Stix building.

  Yalobusha County’s U.S. Savings Bonds sales totaled $47,482 for the year.

  Sgt. Dawson Dorris, son of Mrs. Mary Dorris of Route Four, Water Valley, has re-enlisted in the Army Ground Forces for a period of three years.

  In Editor Edward Shearer’s “Shearing’s” Column he stated that about half of the men in the Valley had gone to deer camps. The first hunter to return home, after killing an 8-point buck in the Abbeville area, was Bruce Gurner.

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