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Betty’s Week

  After completing the paper route and other Wednesday chores we decorated a Christmas tree at the office. I had purchased this tree a year and a half ago and I thought I’d gotten a top-of-the-line artificial tree. Ed and I always went to the tree farms, picked out the most beautiful tree, cut it down, and took it home to enjoy during Christmas week. Last tree we had was in 2003 and it came from the tree farm near Bruce. 

It was a beauty and we also got a couple of wreaths. The wreaths were never hung and the tree never even gotten into the stand—Ed and I were both sick. So last year I decided that I needed a tree and  during the July half-off sale I ordered one. Knew what a beautiful artificial tree looked like—had been helping Jimmie assemble and decorate theirs for years. Well this tree, which was no bargain, was very disappointing. 

Mel and I worked on it most of the afternoon, gave up getting it beautiful, and just began hanging ornaments. Even with my 200-plus Hallmark Keepsake ornaments on it and about 15 Water Valley memorial ornaments, it still does not look good.  Glenda’s is coming in to see what she can do with it. I cannot recommend buying this brand of tree. I will not tell you in the column what not to buy, but if you want to know stop by and I‘ll share with you my expensive knowledge. Tell you how bad it is—I could  have gotten a $50 to $100 tree at Fred’s, Walmart, or Lowe’s and it would have been superior to this tree.


  After we had completed the decorating chore, I locked up the office and went home to cook. This is always calming for me. Made chicken and dressing, sweet potato casserole, mandarin orange salad, lima beans, cheese cake, and mom some chicken and dumplings.  Then I packed my bag and packed the food in the roaster (great for transporting) and was ready to get in the van early Thursday morning. 

I was sitting with Mom on Thanksgiving day, letting her sitter be home with her family. Some had come from Florida, Georgia and other places—she has a big family.

  Late in the afternoon I began coming down with bronchitis, coughed most of Thursday night and most of Friday. Got to the Cole home Friday night and Jimmie put me on an antibiotic and I had some cough syrup. Bronchitis began improving Saturday, but the cough remains. Sunday morning I had coughed so much that I had developed laryngitis and a severe  sore throat. Today,  Monday, cough is still with me, throat is better, and chest is clearer—think I’ll live if the cough syrup holds out.

  I’m probably going to have a couple of sick little great-nieces. 

Haller Grace and Caroline. along with with Pap Paw Bill, were out in that cold damp night air flying a kite in the dark. Michael called and when Jimmie told him what the girl were doing there was a long pause and then a “What?” 

Could tell he was having trouble believing this story, but then Jimmie says, “Your crazy father is out there helping them.” Then I had a bright idea, “What if we could come up with a way to light that kite”. Still working on that one.

  After I fed Mom her Thanksgiving lunch, I ran down to Carolyn’s and Bo’s to share their meal. It was all delicious. Their son-in-law, Trea Wright had made a new delicious dish—don’t know that it has a name. It was a log, filled with sausage, spinach, and other goodies, then baked. Others present for lunch were,  of course, Misty and Briley, Ginny and Rance, and me Did enjoy my food and my hour and a half break from sitting duty.

  Briley had celebrated his fifth birthday earlier in the week (on the 22nd) and he has some nifty gifts to show us.

  The Polar Express is running and going down to the Cole farm Friday night, I got to see the North Pole lit up. Train was still not there and I didn’t wait. I’ll catch it later and also have to go by and see Bo’s, Carolyn’s, and Rance’s decorations. They work hard to light their extended yard to greet the Polar Express riders. 


  On Sunday for the first time in almost 25 years, I did not get dressed. Called my assistant Sunday School Teacher, Mrs. Evelyn Thomas, and she assured me they would handle the class. Know she did—she is a better teacher than I am. Stayed on the sofa all day and ate very little. Slept between doses of cough syrup, so I watched parts of several shows. Maybe I’ll get well, wake up and see the parts I missed.


  The deer hunters I talk to say they’re not getting many shots. Well they just need to ride with me. Most times, crossing on the Eureka Road, I see a couple, and then on Highway 315, I’ve also seen several. They’re not trophy bucks—mostly big does, but I urged you to kill them, they do lots of damage to my van or your vehicle.


  Can you believe we’re to the final month of 2016—this paper is dated December 1. Christmas is just around the corner, so we’d all better get busy Christmas shopping. I’m hoping there are plenty of money cards left—I plan to  let everyone do their own shopping.

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