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Street Talk

Upcoming Guest Writers Will Provide Insight Into The Past, Present And Future

For the next two weeks there will be guest writers for Street Talk. Writing the column one week will be Bob Tyler and the next week will be Linda and Jaime Scott. I asked Bob if he would write a column because he has quite the perceptive insight. That and the combination of always having something to say, plus given his years, well, let’s just leave it as he’s able to succinctly say stuff that few others can. And of course Bob is the county’s economic director and in that capacity he is thinking about this place’s economic future.

Linda and Jamie are both active members of the arts council; Linda is the chair of that group. They’re involved in a number of projects in town, from the old jail to interacting with school kids using art. 

Back in the summer Jamie, Bob, Eddie Ray, and myself all went to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson for a meeting with the director, Katie Blount. Katie has been to Water Valley several times; last time was for the Hubert Creekmore marker dedication. The four of us talked with her and some of the MDAH staff about projects going on here in the Valley. It might have been an obscure point, but I realized not only was I the youngest of the Valley four, but also lived in the youngest house, a relatively new place at 110 years old.

I brought up this old house living to make the point that many folks talk preservation, but Bob, Jamie and Linda, and Eddie live it every day. And it is not just a preservation to keep things the way they are, just the opposite. It is an ethic to know the full past, keep the present working hard and looking good, and use that as a clear-eyed springboard into a better future. 

That is the commonality of these next two columns, that preservation ethic and the future of this place. Hearing other voices either from long time residents like Bob or newcomers like Linda and Jamie – how there is a connection via place and quality of life that bridges economic development and a creative community. 

I’m a little bit nervous, last time there was a guest writer for this column, it was Coulter Fussell. It turns out folks would rather read, regardless if they agree or not, what Coulter says. 

I could guest writer my way out of a job.

Did you notice the taken on Main Street cover photo in last week’s newspaper with the horse and carriage driver on her cell phone as she was holding the reins? Let’s be careful out there.  Please have a safe and happy holidays.

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