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Betty’s Week

Weather has been the primary topic of conversation this week. Knew that very cold, and possibly snow and ice, were predicted for the weekend. Didn’t want to chance having to get the van out, so I took plenty of food before I headed for my weekend mom-sitting duty at the Batesville nursing home.

I made a run to Larson’s and picked up several sandwiches and lots of soup and crackers. Was glad I had extra, because several of our CNAs lived out of town and just decided they’d go hungry rather than brave the possibility of having to drive on bad roads. As they stated they were going to starve I’d offer a sandwich, fruit or a bowl of soup. Several took a sandwich and they really enjoyed them. 

Larson’s pre-made sandwiches are excellent. I like ham or turkey and cheese on whole wheat, the chicken salad croissants are wonderful, especially if eaten with some red grapes. I also like to find a smoked sausage, cheese and onion on a bun. They keep all weekend, as do the ham and cheese (and it works equally well for breakfast, lunch or supper). 

I had a pot of homemade vegetable soup and a pot of kale and sausage soup, along with my cornbread, which I took with me. Agnes and Robert Montgomery had supplied dessert—wonderful fried peach pies. Jimmie brought in some nuts and bolts for snacking, And there is always the staples, pimento cheese and peanut butter and crackers. I gained a few pounds.

  As if this was not enough eating, Sunday afternoon I just wanted to cook. So I made ham and dumplings, beef stew, hot biscuits and cornbread, lima beans, and my favorite green beans. Had everything out to make oatmeal cranberry and chocolate chip cookies, but decided to save them for another day. I  had strawberry shortcake already made and I really don’t have time to shop for new, larger clothes.


  Thursday night I got up several times and peeked out the window to see if the snow had materialized.  About four o’clock I gave up and went to sleep—very soundly. Stephanie brought breakfast a  little after 8 and she shook me to get me awake. After asking if I was okay, she apologized, stating that she knew mom needed to be fed. 

She added, “I was really worried about you, because in all these years I’ve never found you sleeping.” I explained that I was just really tired, so she advised me to feed mom and go back to sleep. 

  Many of our care takes for the weekend were doing double duty, since those north of Batesville would have had to travel on really bad roads. Do appreciate all their long hours and hard work.

  Snow finally arrived sometimes after four in the morning, but it was only a dusting, covering the cars, but not sticking on the streets. By the end of the day it was all gone and we did not see any more. North Mississippi and from Memphis north weren’t so lucky.

  Next flake I saw was on the way to church Sunday evening. I backed out of the carport and saw what I thought was a snowflake—just one. It landed on the windshield and I got out to see if it was really snow or some outer white object. It was indeed a little flake of snow about a half-inch in diameter. Drove all the way to Woodland Hills looking for more but that must have been an only child.

  When I left the nursing about eight Saturday night, the van registered 19 degrees. It stayed there all the way to the Valley. I had not put on my driving gloves and thought my hands would freeze. David was telling me how wonderful a heated steering wheel is and next time (if there is a next time) I purchase a vehicle it will have a heated steering wheel, even though we only need them a few times a year. We had heated seats on the 2000 van and they were nice, but not as important as the steering wheel.


  We have lost so many friends over the past two weeks.

  Long-time friends D. C. Morgan of Schertz, Texas, who I only saw on Watermelon Carnival weekend visits will be missed. Didn’t even get to see him this year, as I had already gone to Panola County when he arrived. Never saw D.C. without a smile on his face and he usually had a great story to tell. Sympathy is extended to his wife, Ada, the children, and all the Morgan family.

  Mrs. L. C. (Frances) Stewart always kept me informed on events in the Valley, the Stewart, Marchbanks and Terrell families, and the Church of Christ. She was a good writer and often supplied us with articles for the paper, which we appreciated. Had been a while since I’d seen her because she was here and I was in the Batesville nursing home, so our paths just had not crossed. Sympathy is extended to Jimmy Dale, his family, her sisters, and all the family members.

  Mrs. Bess White was always a southern lady and I loved her daughter, Elizabeth Caulfield, her husband Barron, and their children. She and her husband the late Col. Lloyd White, were very interesting people—I remember several times Ed and I were in their home in town and also out at the cabin and we were always royally entertained. Sympathy is extended to Elizabeth, Barron, the grands, and to the entire family.

  Another loss was Fran Womble, who always brought so much enjoyment when she was around. She taught Jim English in school. In the classroom, they had problems, but outside of school he enjoyed her. Most of the problem I’m sure was Jim. Sympathy is extended to her mom, Mrs. Elnor Womble, sisters, long time friend, J. K. Ward, and to all her family, her many students and friends.

  Sympathy is also extended to Ann and Carroll Crenshaw in the loss of their grandson, David Crenshaw. Did not know David but know he must have been a wonderful young man. Carroll, knowing  my interest in music and the Lions Band, shared that David had been a member of this group for two years. He was a percussionist and both of his years the Mississippi Lions Band won the International contest. One of David’s years the International contest was held in Japan. I always enjoy hearing about other friends children’s and grandchildren’s accomplishments. Knew Carroll is an accomplished musician, so was not surprised to hear that his grandson was also, just sorry I never got to to hear him play.


  Holidays are over and we’re about to get back into our regular routine. Paper delivery route last Wednesday though lacked folks. Only saw three or four at Dunn’s in Sylva Rena and the rest of the trip had only a couple or so in each business. Temperature is supposed to go back into the spring-like numbers before the end of the week, so I’m sure folks will be out and about more—even early in the mornings.

  Next holiday will be Valentine’s Day, which falls on Tuesday, so that will not bother our scheduling. And I don’t remember every observing this as a closing day. We just eat chocolate, enjoy beautiful flowers, and other gifts. I’ve got to start checking the goody list to see what Ed wants to give me this year.

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