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Interest Meeting Planned On January 24 To Gauge Input For Master Gardener Group

This past weekend was very cold with temperatures dipping down into the teens and holding there. I actually had some errands that I needed to take care of on Saturday, but just could not build up the desire to get out and fight the cold. 

In all of this cold weather there are some people with livestock that have to be out in the cold with their animals feeding and caring for them.  Also we have kids around the county that are showing livestock animals in the District and Dixie National shows have to be out working with their animals to keep them in shape for the upcoming shows.  

There is an upcoming interest meeting for the Master Gardener training at the Multi-Purpose Building in Coffeeville.  This meeting will be held on January 24 at 5:30 p.m.  We will discuss the overall Master Gardener Program and also trying to set up a Master Gardener volunteer group again.  

Horticulture Tips 

Provided by 

Dr. Leila Kelly

Now is the time to inventory the garden and get the jump on that list of spring gardening chores that seem to pile up rather quickly when the weather warms. Take the time to stroll around the yard and garden with notebook and pencil in hand.  Make lists of all the “have to” chores and then make a list of the “want to” chores.  

An example of a “have to” chore is any corrective or other pruning that should be done on trees and shrubs before spring bud break. A “want to” chore would be to finally design and order the seeds and plants to establish that cut flower garden you’ve always wanted. Keep these lists handy and, as weather permits, do each chore, checking it off the list.  You’ll be surprised how motivating these lists can be, especially if you stick them in conspicuous places as a daily reminder—on the fridge door works well for me.  I’ll admit to yanking some of these unchecked lists off the fridge in disgust by June.  

But, hey, for now you and I can pass the cold month ahead making lists, dreaming and planning for that perfect yard and garden. Need help making a list of “things to do in the garden?” Check out the Garden Calendar on the Master Gardener website at this address: http://extension.

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