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Do Your Duty, Help Stop The Trailer Park

So, I guess most of you all have heard already that somehow a plan to build a super massive trailer park behind the Piggly Wiggly is in the works. It’s apparently supposed to be around 100 single wides crammed into a field about half a block from my back door. Unless it’s trees or dollar bills, I don’t want to see 100 anythings out my backdoor. It could be 100 ferris wheels and that would be too much.

Full disclosure, I’m from a trailer. I lived in one for the first few years of my life but honestly all I remember is vague images of the yard covered in pine straw and oyster shells. I also remember a fluorescent light above the sink and a yard dog that was continuously scratching himself. 

A few years later, my aunt and uncle would move into the trailer and I remember watching my aunt lying out in the yard by the well in her lawn chair, covered in tanning oil, listening to classic rock radio coming from the boombox. There were cactus everywhere and deer-moss covered the shaded ground under the cedars. Oh, the 80s. So trailer living can be okay. As long as the tornado siren isn’t going off then I have nothing against a trailer.

What I do have a problem with, and what I think almost everyone in this town has a problem with, is these guys from Oxford coming into Water Valley and using our town as a dumping ground for a business venture not wanted in their community. Oxford rejected a similar plan there because the dudes wouldn’t adhere to the minimal standards of decency Oxford asked of them…a little bit of green space for each unit, a sidewalk or two, a spacing requirement so that each family could open their front door and not feel the air conditioner blasting out of the next unit, things like that. 

So these guys must have thought,”Hey, let’s go to ol’ rinky dink Water Valley. They won’t care and are probably so dumb that we can get in there and get this thing done before they even notice.”

Well, nope. Think again. Not only does Water Valley not do business like that but we don’t treat our own people like that. We are a town of quality. We have all worked hard to rise up, or stay risen as in a case like Turnage’s Drugstore, despite most everything working against us. A mysterious 100 unit trailer park haphazardly thrown into a field behind our grocery store off of a street slap-full of little children who play outside all day? No way. Not our style. 

What is also not our style is to treat our own people with so much careless disrespect as to allow slumlords from Oxford to come in and take advantage of them. These are possibly down-and-out Water Vallians who would potentially be living in this “park.” Is that how we help the needy? Is this what they teach at church? It’s definitely not the kind of lesson they teach my kids on Wednesday nights. 

Or, to be real, is that how we want to treat our police department? When these Oxford guys build this thing and walk off and never look back, do we then expect Lance and crew to act as babysitters to what could potentially become a pretty dangerous place? Is this how we treat all the kids who live on Blount Street? Fill their street with 100 new strangers? No. No to all of that.

This world has been so divided lately and I know we are all sick and tired of it. But there is one thing that all Water Vallians can get behind as a collective unit and that is to stop these rich apathetic Oxford dudes from scarring our town with their bad and highly irresponsible idea. 

Maybe these guys will grow up and get a real business idea that takes innovation and heart, but until then they can stay far away from our town.

Do your duty as Water Vallians to stop this mess by writing to the newspapers both here and in Oxford. Talk to your supervisors as well, they are very receptive to your input and want to hear from you.

Thank you, Water Valley, for fighting every battle thrown at us with dignity and continuing to be the little town that could. 

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