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Betty’s Week

When I drove up at Dunn’s Wednesday morning it was so good to see Snooky’s pick-up there. We’re all so happy his health has improved and that he can now return to his usual routine. The back table was full, but I didn’t have time to stop and say hello. I had a full day laid out for the office, so it was a quick delivery trip. 

  First chore of the day was to remove 2016 file copies from the shelves, separate them into a bundle to go to the bindery, a container for extras that we keep for five years, and then another five copies on a shelf for the coming year, just in case anyone needs an extra a copy. The left overs are then given away to be used for packing, pet pens, or to start fires.

Have needed very few to start fires this winter. I do believe this is the mildest winter I can recall in all my years. Monday felt like May. So many of the early flowers, shrubs, and trees are in full bloom. On my route to Batesville there is a tree, with big purple blooms (think i t’s a variety of Magnolia) and it is breath-taking. 

Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many daffodils and forsythia in bloom. All of my old-fashioned daffodils are in bloom, as are the hybrid varieties that usual bloom much later.  My Carolina Jasmin did not even die back during the winter, but has not yet put on blooms. 

  Went out several times on Saturday to begin cleaning up the yard. Each time the phone rang and then I’d remember something that needed doing inside, so guess the Shearer home is just supposed to have a trashy yard. There are about 50 flower pots strewn around and I plan to fill the nice ones with plants as soon as it’s safe and I’m going to trash the old green house ones—Bill’s gully needs some more landfill.

  Also peeped inside the storage shed. It is 20 feet by 30 feet and is eight feet tall, packed full of junk in there that needs to be sorted. I’m going to have to live to a ripe old age to get all this done. My house already has way too much furniture and I shoved some of it around Saturday—it’s all to big for one person to move. 

Some of the pieces are stacked two deep and there’s a small house full in the shed that really needs to be in a home. Maybe we’ll have a long spring, before we  hit the sweltering temps of summer, and I’ll get a little of this work done.


  Got to the nursing home in Batesville last Thursday and found Mom feeling good. Her only problem is a terrible cough. Listening to the other residents in the hall, I realized that this was wide-spread. None of them seemed really sick, they were just coughing. 

In worship service Sunday morning, I started coughing due to dripping sinuses. Bro. Lynn had just starting his closing prayer, when my nose and eyes felt like a faucet had been turned on. I cried, nose ran, and I coughed all through that closing payer. Why it started them, who knows. Worst time in the worship service to have to cough.

  Residents at the nursing home must have been doing better than usual though, because I did not see an ambulance or funeral coach all weekend, and many residents I know were out in the hall visiting and enjoying life. All these people are usually so happy and they’re just fun to be around.

  I did not sit with Mom Saturday and breaking a routine is confusing. Got up, showered and was about to dress for church, when I realized that I didn’t need to do that until the next day. I’d left a chore partially finished at the office, so since I was dressed I came on down and worked on it some more. Had left my office key in the jacket pocket I’d worn on Friday, so I had to make a double trip across that by-pass—a place I hate to cross.


  Thursday noon 10 ladies from Woodland Hills enjoyed our monthly ladies day out at B.T.C. This is always so much fun, even though all we do is eat and visit. The group is planning a craft day in March. Under the leadership of Sylvia Beene (a master crafter), the ladies will make a button tree glued onto a canvas—the sample was really cute. If you have old buttons you’d like to give away, bring them by the Herald office—know the ladies can use them.


  Was in the emergency room at Baptist Memorial Hospital during the wee hours of Monday. Had the strangest pain and it got really bad about midnight, so bad I called Jimmie and Bill and they came over to drive me. My left leg just hurts. It is  not sore, not swollen, nor bruised—just a constant pain. It started in the back of the thigh, moved down through the knee to the calf, and then up into the hip and it was an excruciating pain. Blood clots were ruled out, as was any bone problem. Still have no idea what caused it but hope it goes away soon. Bill has always told me I was his favorite sister-in-law (of course technically I’m his only sister-in-law), so when we arrived bach at my house around five a.m., I asked, “Am I still your favor sister-in-law?). Guess I doing okay, because He said I was—sure would hate to lose Bill. 

  Column is going to be short this week, because I can only sit in this chair a short time and I have nothing of importance to write. Hope everyone has a great week.

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