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No Celery Season Means Beach Body Won’t Be Ready For Imaginary Vacation

It’s a typical 79 degree day in February. Hooray! Looks like summer is here! While I love summer, as it is my favorite season because I’m a flip-flop fan and because my water bill is lower due to not being forced to take several psycho-hot winter baths a day to stay warm, the fact that we skipped spring has not given me time to get beach-body ready. As is my annual routine, I’m supposed to spend the latter part of spring planning some major workout routine and healthy diet plan in preparation for some mystical summer beach trip I’m not actually going to take. Sometime around mid-March I realize that my imaginary beach trip is coming up quickly and I better lose 15 real pounds as soon as possible or I will look flabby in my imaginary new bathing suit. So, I sit down with my very real bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and write out a long grocery list that says “celery.” Then I eat celery the next day. Then I get hungry and go to El Charrito. And the whole process starts over. Oh, spring. The cycle of life.

But since we have totally skipped spring and summer is here right now, I’m completely thrown off. How am I supposed to lose 15 pounds, like, today? And how am I supposed to do this living one block from El Charrito. Am I going to have to…boycott?

I was off on a girls’ trip in Georgia for a couple days last week and so I wasn’t here the day El Charrito was closed in support of the Day Without Immigrants. I definitely would have noticed because I go to ‘Rito every Thursday (also Tuesdays and Fridays…okay, I’ll admit I have been known to also show up on a Monday.) Anyway, I was proud of ol’ El Charrito for closing down for that day. I’m not sure if it was a group decision or if just too many employees didn’t come in to work so they were forced to not be open, but either way I think it’s great. And I think it took guts.

There is nothing wrong with standing up for what is important to you. Not only is there nothing wrong with it – as long as it doesn’t hurt others –being vocal about things that affect yourself or others is imperative to being a good person. And there is nothing wrong with us listening and taking others’ thoughts seriously. 

The guys at El Charrito aren’t just cheese dip machines. They are people. Human beings who go home after work and have lives outside of the yellow walls. We don’t have to agree with everyone politically, but we need to understand that there are many peaceful ways to make a point and this was one. It was subtle. No harm done. They were back open the next day. Still our friends and neighbors. We just know now that some of them might have a certain opinion on the immigration policy. Is this at all surprising? I mean….hello. Or buenos dias, as the case may be.

And I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and assume that the guys who work at El Charrito might know a bit more about the immigration rules and processes than lots of the rest of us. They definitely know more than me. So, ya know, I’m going to at least listen. I’m not going to scoff it off as just some silly reason to not show up at work and stir the cheese dip. 

But maybe that’s because I didn’t miss the cheese dip. I actually like guacamole better. This is difficult to admit but, honestly, I don’t even like cheese dip. There, I said it! I don’t like cheese dip! I’ve never told anyone until now, as I was ashamed but I feel it’s time to come clean. I think I might be the only person on Earth who doesn’t like cheese dip. Maybe there is something wrong in my brain. 

Maybe I’m missing the cheese dip gene and it was replaced instead by an extra margarita gene. This would explain a lot. Either way, admitting this publicly has been cathartic. I feel relieved.  

I hope everyone has a great first week of summer and since celery season skipped us, I’ll see you all on buffet night. 

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