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Betty’s Week

Sister-in-law, Faye Poindexter Shearer, called one night last week to share that she had talked to one of their mayoral candidates in Pascagoula –  her choice for the office and the one she thought was leading the race. He was very impressed with our Main Street Director Mickey Howley. Faye said he had quoted some of Mickey’s comments in his speeches and also used it in some of his campaign material, stating that good leadership could  make a world of difference in whether a small town survived. We appreciate Mickey’s diligence in putting the Valley on the map.


  Last week was a dull week in my life. Even food was not exciting, but it was filling. On Monday we had a Subway sandwich, which as always was good. However, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we got my cooking. Hamburgers cooked early Tuesday morning were better than I expected since I had slept late due to  lack of sleep Sunday night, and they were thrown together. Proves that you have to work hard to mess  up a hamburger. The other half of the ground beef went into a pot of More. This dish evolved from the late Mary Suratt’s Hawaiian More More, a recipe she picked up on one of her and Buck’s trips  to the island. My version is much easier to make and is very good, even with the short cuts. Mine starts with sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms and onion, to which I add ground beef. When this is cooked in goes a can of Rotel tomatoes and one of regular tomatoes. This simmers for a while and then an eight ounce package of egg noodles, cooked to Al dente, is added. Finally cheese goes in—about eight ounces of each, cheddar and Monterey jack (or any cheese available). With cornbread, French or garlic bread, along with a salad, you have a meal.

  We did get out on Thursday—had time to cross the street to Hometown Pizza for their salad bar for me and a couple of slices of pizza for Mel. Missed seeing Greg. He has been under the weather and we had not seen him all week. Were worried about him, but just a few minutes ago we saw him get into his car so we know he is still with us. We had you on our  prayer list and did miss you.

  On Wednesday morning the traffic pattern along my delivery route had completely changed. Usually there is very little, or no, traffic on 315, and it looks like a race track on 32. Last week I heard several trucks pass my driveway before I got the van loaded. Then when I got to the foot of the hill I waited for three more trucks to pass, along with several cars. Got to the bypass and had to wait for many vehicles to clear the crossing. Was quite a bit of traffic in town. However when I started down 32, I didn’t see a single vehicle until I was almost to Dunn’s. Coming back I did pick up a little more traffic, but nothing like usual. Prediction is for rain Wednesday, so I’m sure the traffic will be back to normal—I hate driving in the rain.


  Thanks to everyone who called or came by to check on my aching leg. Martha Williamson called to diagnose it as sciatica. That was one of my first thoughts, but it had been ruled out. However, I enjoyed visiting with her. Still have no idea what caused the pain. Went to see Cinnamon for a follow-up Wednesday and she found very little. She said I had suffered a Charley Horse (which was causing the soreness in my calf), but probably did  not notice it with all the upper leg pain. She advised some stretching exercises, which are  helping, along with walking. So far the pain is staying away. I’ve found a couple of other people who have experienced the same type pain, one who, like me, wound up in the emergency room and they didn’t even have a sister making them go. Sure hope that pain does not ever come back and hope no one else has to suffer through it.


  It was so hot Thursday afternoon that I turned on the AC going over to the nursing home in Batesville and it felt good. Monday morning I turned on what I thought was heat and got a blast of cold air. Quickly turned the control to heat. Then when I got to work I turned on what I thought was heat and it would  not come on. David came in and explained that he had turned the AC on at the office and it had to be switched back to heat.

  Drove slowly across the Eureka Road, enjoying the beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. All the redbuds, pears, peaches, apples and tulip tees seem to be in full bloom, along with the forsythia, hawthorne, and many azaleas. Daffodils are still blooming as are many other flowers. I’m sure tulips are in bloom, if the rabbits have left any.

  Birds were also out and they are so pretty. In cleaning up the kitchen, I took all the stale bread out and just dumped it on the ground. Monday morning I watched as the birds came to pick it up and take it away. Didn’t see a single squirrel—they usually get their share. Cats were also missing, so the birds got to have a picnic, but I think they were having them high up in the trees. I heard a deer last night as I drove in from church—didn’t know they liked bread. Guess I’d better clean out some more cabinets—these critters may like crackers, cereal, and cookies.

  In addition to kitchen clean-up, I also dusted and mopped my bedroom. Had I saved all the dust, I could  have planted a good size garden—where does all that dirt come from. The house  had a through cleaning at Thanksgiving and I only open the front door a couple of times a day. Understand the leaves on the living room carpet, but all that dirt shouldn’t accumulate in two months.


  Thanks to all of you who ask about mom each week. She is fine except for a bad cough, which most of the world seems to be suffering from. The nursing home was quiet over the weekend, except for a lockdown caused from a burglary of Sonic,  just up the  hill. I missed all the excitement, though. Jimmie had come by early, and since she was waiting on granddaughter, Caroline, to be delivered for a weekend visit, she sent me on home early. 


  We had two great services Sunday and then after the night service we had a very lively choir practice. Woodland Hills is a singing church and the choir, when gathered for practice, just doesn’t know when to stop—think we’d sing all night if we didn’t get hoarse. We had several new members, who really added to the fun. Join us on Sunday at 10:30 and you’ll get to hear one of the hymns we practiced. 

  All ladies are invited to attend a craft event Saturday morning, beginning at 10. Sylvia Beene, who is an excellent crafter, will show us how to make button trees on stretched canvas. The sample is beautiful, so come out and join us (hope I can come but if mom needs me I’ll have to go). 

A finger food lunch will be enjoyed after the crafting is finished. Bring a finger food dish if you wish.

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