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I tried several times over the last year to revive the Yalobusha County Master Gardener program without any real success.  I needed at least five individuals to sign up for the program and didn’t get that many so I will try again next year to get a group together for that program. Since the Master Gardener classes did not have enough interest, I am going to offer two classes that are both covered under the Master Gardener program but split them apart – Growing Vegetables and also Maintaining Home Landscapes. 

I am going to offer the special set of classes on growing vegetables for home use and also for selling to the public starting in April going thru June.  

These classes will cover several topics including site planning and prep, soil testing and fertility, variety selections, production practices, harvesting and marketing and will be given in the evening hours, generally starting at 6 pm.  

The fee for this class will be $10 and include study materials and refreshments.  

I plan to have the class meetings on April 6th, April 27th, May 11th and June 15th.

I am going to offer the class on Maintaining Home Landscapes some time in May.  The class will consist of fertilization, chemical controls, pruning, plant selection and care and turf grass care.  I am planning on offering this class in a one night event but may end up having to have 2 classes.  

If you or someone you might know would be interested in any of these classes please give us a call and sign up at the Extension office at 662-675-2730.

The Yalobusha County Cattleman’s Association will have their first quarter meeting on Thursday, March 9, at 6:30 pm at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville.  The program will be given by Clayton Zwarofski, a commercial cattle buyer, on the different grades of calves.  

The meeting will be sponsored by Lipscomb Livestock Auction and Farm Services South.  There will be a meal provided for this event and nonmembers will be asked to pay $10.  Please call the Extension office by noon on March 8th to reserve your seat.       

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