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Lots Of Excitement In The Valley

Lots Of Excitement In The Valley

There are more and more entertainment options in the Valley. Coming this weekend Yalobusha Brewery will have live music Friday and Saturday night. The Friday night music has been going strong for over a year now, but Saturday night is new. And playing Saturday night is intermittent Valley resident Jack Sonni. 

If you don’t know Jack you for sure have heard his former band. Jack was, as he likes to say, the “other” guitarist in the band Dire Straits. He has been living in the Valley the last four years when the temps are cool here; he is not a hot weather fan. He and some talented local musicians are playing Saturday night at the brewery. There is no charge to hear the show, so it is money for nothing. Show starts at 7 pm.

Early this Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m., Bozarts Gallery will have as part of the Heavy Petting show a pet walk and art for dogs. Like art at a dog’s eye view. It is part of an event for Second Chance Animal Alliance. So come out with your pet and take an art walk with Fido.

Opening last week next to the brewery was the Living Room Gallery. You know the red brick ranch house just next to the old part of the machine shop on Main Street. Erin Abbott has opened the new space and the featured artist is Mississippi master Glen Ray Tudor. Stop in and check it out Thursday and Friday 10 to 2, Friday evening from 5 to 7, and Saturday from 10 to 1.

Entertaining as well is the every two week county supervisor show, err, I mean meeting. 

While the supervisors’ gig it might not be dire straits and that ain’t working or the walk of life, it seems there is hardly a dull moment at those meetings. I’ve been going the last two months because of this trailer park threat to Main Street and downtown and I can say, well, of those meetings, they rock! 

Last Monday it was a long talk about a grant for a gas pipeline that seemingly no potential customers want. Some legal dancing about who owns the hospital (we do sorta) and the land it is on. Insurance issue and the value of historic county structures. Plus a great chance to help the Second Chance Animal Alliance, if there is smart bone in their collective supervising bodies, they’ll do that.

There always seems to be some tension at the meetings, just to add a bit of drama. Several weeks ago it was the rural water guys chewing on Supervisor McMinn. It was very tough for the city boy in me to figure out the intricacies of rural water delivery and back road patching, but the exchange was enlightening. I never knew so much could be involved. 

This week the drama was the Water Valley chicken plant manager Stacy Kesler and attorney John Crow were raising a stink about who is responsible for the smell in the city. Seems to be getting straightened after some finger pointing and as long as the prevailing wind remains from the northeast, we’re good.

Best of all this week was the arrival of Bob Barber. You may not know Bob, but Bob knows Yalobusha. He has family here, well, buried here. By a church between the Valley and Coffeeville, I think somewhere around Velma. Bob is a city and county planner of rare talent. Now let me tell you I’m biased about Bob. When he was the city planner for Hernando a decade ago, he came to the Valley with Chip Johnson, Hernando’s mayor, and they told our city council that it was smart money to support a Main Street program. 

I believe, then again I’m biased, it has been. Five years ago I was in Baltimore for a National Main Street conference, talking to the head of the American Planning Association, she asked me did I know Bob? 

I said I do, she said everyone does. Bob knows the small places well, towns small like Como, remote as in towns in Wyoming, towns undergoing crazy growth like Hernando, and he, along with Chip Johnson, are regular Valley visitors. So while it pains me to say so, “Good Job” to Lee McMinn in calling Bob Barber last week and bringing him here.

The next meeting is in two week on March 20 at 9 am in the Water Valley courthouse. Come see Bob, he’ll be back.

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