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Betty’s Week

Was surprised to see so many folks out and about Wednesday morning. However I did  not see a single fishing boat, no poles and no bait being sold at Dunn’s. Tables were full out there, but everyone seemed to be enjoying food and fellowship. 

The sun was bright on my way back to town and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees in full bloom. One morning during the week when Pierce Epes and I arrived at the same time (which we do most mornings), we discussed the fact that we’ve never seen hawthorne, wisteria, azaleas, Carolina Jasmin, daffodils, thrift, all the fruit trees, and lots of other flowering plants in full bloom at the same time.  These plants’ blooming seasons usually span two  or three months. When Celeste and Jim arrive in mid-May they might get to see a few iris blooms and maybe some roses if the deer don’t eat them.


  The Lenten Luncheons at First United Methodist church began Thursday. Bringing the message was Bro. Raymond Aven, pastor of New Hope Church of God in Batesville (former long-time pastor of Springdale in Water Valley), one of my favorite folks and also one of my favorite preachers. His message was on the seven words of Jesus from the cross and it was a mighty powerful sermon. 

Even with all the serious information included in the words of God given through Raymond there was a lot of humor to keep you entertained. Jesus did know how to keep our interest and being a Christian is not a boring lifestyle. Wish someone had recorded that sermon. Rev. Annette Ford, retired United Methodist minister, is the music leader for these services, and her mother had passed away, so we sang acapella  – and for denominations not used to singing without an instrument and leadership – it sounded pretty good. 

I was sitting with Sissy Hall and Annis Gholson. Tried to get Sissy to volunteer to play, but she wouldn’t. Did enjoy eating with them, catching up on all the news from Bethel and the Hall and Gholson families. Lunch was provided by W. G. and Cissy Griffin and it was, as always, excellent. 

Rev. Allen McGraw, pastor of the church, gave the welcome and blessed the food. This Thursday Rev. Ford will do double duty, as she will also bring the message. The luncheons begin at noon and everyone is invited to attend.


  Got to the nursing home Thursday afternoon and it was hot. When I came out a couple  of days later, it was cold and wet. This has been one more erratic year, weather wise and it has not just been in our area—it’s been all over the country. Monday morning I got up to check on what to expect this week in the north Mississippi area and before I got that report I had to listen to the Northeastern U.S. weather. They were getting snow dumped on them. Sure was glad my child was in New Mexico and not in Rochester, NY, where he spent a couple of years in the late 80s and early 90s. Even though he got use to driving on the icy streets and highways, I never felt comfortable with him doing so.


  Usually I have no problem swapping from Standard Time to Daylight Savings time or reversed, but this year I’m  having trouble with going to Daylight Savings. I prepared for this Saturday, something I usually don’t do. Set all the clocks an hour forward before I went to bed, then got into bed an hour earlier than I usually do—but could not go to sleep. Woke up in plenty of time to get to church on time, but was still sleepy. This lasted through the morning, but I didn’t fall asleep during Bro. Lynn’s sermon. I rarely ever sleep during daylight hours. 

However, after lunch I got on the sofa, was watching a Hallmark movie and fell asleep,  missing the conclusion. It was a good movie, so I hope they show it again so I can catch the conclusion. Turned on the TV again to catch a new episode of “When Calls the Heart,” and had trouble keeping myself awake for this show. These are not shown again. At the conclusion, DST 9 o’clock, I went to bed, even though body time was only 8 p.m. –  I went to sleep. Even with all that sleep I did not want to get up at 6 Monday morning.


  I was so groggy Sunday morning that even after a shower, I brushed my teeth and then picked up a glass filled with what I assumed was plain water and rinsed my teeth using the same little clear plastic glass I always use after I brush. Instead I got a mouthful  of Oxiclean that I’d used to remove a spot on a skirt and blouse on Saturday night. I had not poured it down the drain—phone probably rang and I just forgot. Can’t say that it whitened my teeth, but it does get that yucky stuff off you tongue when you’ve slept too  long or had a restless night’s sleep.  Mouth wash does a pretty good job of this though and the taste is much preferable.


  Two former Northwest classmates, Earl Babb and Glynn Gabbert, were in Monday and I always enjoying visiting with these two. It’s hard to believer that it has been 60 years since we were students there. There are several of us in the Valley and Bruce area, who were students at NWJC in the mid 1950s. Earl was in to tell me that a reunion will be held at the Cracker Barrel in Batesville on the last Wednesday of April and all students of the school are invited to attend. We’ll put this on the “Calendar of Coming Events” beginning  in April.


  Feel for all the students who are out for spring break. Seems that if we have inclement spring weather it happens during their vacation week. Mel and I told David that we wanted our spring break the first pretty spring week of the year—we may have already missed it. We have had some really warm days, even back in February and even January. We’ll just enjoy the good days as God sends them.

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